Your love knows no bounds, but your love story can be professionally bound

It’s true, the holiday season is barely over but at Shutterfly we’re already thinking about what’s next, and I’m not talking about Groundhog Day. Yes, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I never cared much about Valentine’s Day until two years ago when, on Valentine’s Day, I went into labor with my second child.

That was something to celebrate. My daughter was born the next morning which was great because no one wants their birthday overshadowed by a holiday. And, she can always get teddy bears, chocolate and flowers for her birthday at deep discounts. That’s my Valentine’s Day story.

This Valentine’s Day is my deadline to complete my wedding photo book as a gift for my husband (and myself). It took me six years but I finally converted my wedding negatives into digital images. Until now I’ve just had three giant albums with all of the 4×6 proofs but no one ever looks at them because there are more than 600 pictures.

So I browsed through the Shutterfly Photo Book Gallery and found an example of a wedding photo book that I loved and I MOLTED it. Yes, I stole it. I said, I want mine to be like this one, I pressed the button and the little Shutterflies in my computer made an exact replicate of the layout with spaces for me to fill in my own pics. How’s that for time saving. Now all I have to do is choose my favorites (seventy images to be exact) or I can make changes—add a few, take out a few. It’s up to me.

Here’s the one I like: it’s Santa Barbara Wedding by Nicole422. It captures all of the iconic wedding details like the dress and the cake and the heirloom hanky and the emotions felt by everyone on that special day. Thank you, Nicole, for doing the legwork for me. It will save me time and since I also have to plan my daughter’s second birthday the day after Valentine’s Day, I’m all about the shortcuts.


  1. says

    I have borrowed “colors” from other books in the Gallery but never molted one. I did have a book that touched many hearts and it was copied 21 times and another 28 times. I was so surprised that so many people loved these books so much that they wanted the idea to make it their own. Here are the links to the books if you would like to take a look.


  2. Earl J says

    Like you, I’ve hundreds of 4×6 prints nearly placed in albums, but it’s my 15 or so photo books that I look at and appreciate. I hope you make your deadline on your wedding book.

  3. Tiffany M says

    A Valentine baby? How sweet! And gorgeous book to “molt”. What a project to get done! I hope you post it as soon as you’re finished!

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