Make a Valentine’s Day book for your child

Valentine’s Day is coming up and a photo book makes a wonderful gift. It shows your love through the time and effort you put into the project, and gives the recipient a keepsake that will last forever.

This Valentine’s Day I put together a photo book for my daughter with some of our favorite moments from this past year. I started by going through my photos and selecting 10 different events, with 2 photos to highlight each – one large full page photo, and one photo for a scrapbook page. I converted all the images to black and white for a sense of continuity.

I didn’t want the book to be so heavy on journaling that she would be embarrassed to share it with her friends. You know, teenage girls can be very sensitive. So instead I used titles from The Reasons Why Layered Template Books along with the Love You Quick Pages!

If you’re not into digital scrapbooking, you can achieve a similar effect using Shutterfly’s templates. Just alternate full page bleed layouts (where the photo takes up the entire page) with backgrounds highlighting a single images. Like this. Either way, you’ll create a keepsake that your child (whether she’s six or sixteen) will cherish forever.


  1. says

    I think it is a super idea how you broke down how quick and easy a digital book can be. Full bleed pages next to a wonderful decorated digital page can have a big impact magazine style.

  2. conniee4 says

    I just love the colors and elements! What a perfect keepsake and wonderful instructions!Thanks for sharing with us…Perfection again!

  3. Joey says

    Katie I loved your book when I viewed it in Gallery, Its something your daughter will treasure always.
    Great work as always.

  4. Tiffany M says

    Your book is gorgeous and so sweet! Great idea but I’ll have to file this away until my babe gets a little older!

  5. BarbaraJ says

    I love this book and you have given us so many wonderful ideas for scrapbooks and shutterfly books. Thank you for all your ideas.

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