Valentine’s Day Card Tips

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time of the year to express your love and gratitude for those around you. While 140 characters may suffice for everyday conversations, the sentiments expressed on Valentine’s Day deserve the extra thought and emphasis that only a personalized card can deliver. This year, we’re encouraging people to discover the added impact of giving a special photo to a Valentine and expressing a heartfelt wish in a way no store-bought card can.

I  suggest four simple steps to creating personalized cards for each of your Valentines this year:

  1. Determine the tone of your greeting – do you want to be sentimental, humorous or casual? Let the tone guide your choice of design and card size.
  2. Think of the recipient as well – will your mom appreciate a humorous Valentine’s Day card? Is a sentimental or casual Valentine more appropriate after three dates?
  3. Choose the photo – look at existing photos through a new lens. Chances are you have images in your collection that will outshine any pre-printed drugstore card when paired with the right greeting. Some thoughts for consideration: Showcase a favorite photo of you and your family, your pet or even a picture from your most recent vacation.  Better yet, share a photo of your favorite dish or dessert and include the recipe so others can enjoy as well. Pair with a complementary design – match the card style and background with your personal photo.
  4. Add your own sentiment – at a loss for words? Try choosing a relevant song title or a traditional saying that reflects the occasion. When paired with your own photo, the overall message can take on a whole new meaning, like printing “My Funny Valentine” under an image of your significant other in his/her Halloween costume.

A personalized Valentine is always so much more fun to receive in the mail than a store bought card. Liven this Valentine’s Day up and create a photo Valentine’s Day card that showcases your personal style and pizzazz!


  1. Joey says

    Great advice!! I used to make my own cards with a photo on the front and print on my printer – but lately my printer has been printing lousy; especially photos. Everyone LOVES when they get a Shutterfly card!! I really like the way they turn out and they are ones people will display. I’m going to make some cards now while I’m thinking of it!

  2. says

    Great steps to make a perfect card. I am making personal Valentine’s for my daughter’s pre-school teacher. My daughter personality is so BIG that the everyday run of the mill teacher Valentine just will not do. I know they will love the personal touch that I can make with Shutterfly.

  3. Joey says

    i love these new images and the Valentine selection is extra sweet. These are great tips to keep in mind. Personal touches are the best.

  4. says

    Nice reminder on who to really personalize your card. Take that new impromptu photo of the kids cutting hearts out of red and pink….then put that photo in. Very timely..

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