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Since it has been so cold and wet outside, I started thinking about activities I can do indoors with my kids. A photo book idea sprung to mind immediately. Let’s create an alphabet photo book.

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My son is learning his ABC’s and a perfect way for him to start understanding the connection of letters to words is by taking pictures of his own toys and objects around the house to create his very own personal book of letters.

I let my son use our digital point-and-shoot camera (not the expensive SLR or you can purchase a kid’s digital camera for about $50. Fisher-Price, VTech, Npower, Argus, Disney, Nickelodeon, Little Tykes, Discovery and Polaroid all make child-friendly digital cameras). I showed my son how to zoom and hold down the shutter button. We put the flash on auto just in case the lighting wasn’t that great and I set him free to find all things that start with “A”.

(Image by JessiW)

He had a great time shooting Aliens, Astronauts, and an Apple. We probably got to G when he started to get a little tired of trying to figure out the beginning sound of each toy, so we teamed up with his older sister to help out. Then we put it to rest for another rainy day—tomorrow. It is winter, so there is plenty of time to continue the project.

(Image by KathleenD466)

After a few days of shooting, it was time to create our photo book. The best part was that after I uploaded my pictures, we could see the book instantly with Simple Path.

All the pictures were displayed in chronological order or in our case A–Z. It was perfect. All we needed to do was rearrange a few pictures, add captions to each page and it was done.  There are also great ABC pre-designed templates that we could have used, but the simple book was just easy enough for my children to get instantly gratified by all the work they put into taking the photos.

I think they will be even more excited when the Shutterfly package arrives and they get to see and feel the work they have created. We can’t wait.


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    Making your own person ABC book for your child makes the book more than just a learning tool but a forever keepsake. If you have an older child, they can help by picking the photos to use or take the picture. I am sure the pride of making their very own book will be the keepsake memory for you.

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