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by Jessi Weithman Posted on February 13, 2010

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I have a confession! Year in Review photo books intimidate me. Shutterfly photo books are so easy to create, and the gallery is filled with inspiring Year in Review books… so it is not that. The problem lies in that I take too many pictures. If you are on this site and reading this blog, my guess is that you might fall into the same trap. The more pictures you take, the harder it is at the end of the year to flip through an entire year to pick your favoites… and before you know it you skip another year and now have twice the photos to flip through. So, this year I have a plan.

I’m planning to set aside time monthly at the start of the month to journal and pick my favorite images from the previous month. Each month I’ll add the selected photos to a 12×12 photobook and click save. The book in progress will be safe and waiting for me to return the next month on My journal details will also be fresh and more accurate. The first week in January 2011, I’ll be all set to order my year in review book for 2010. Because I’m a year behind, I’m planning to pick favorite images from both the previous month this year and the same month one year ago to get caught up. It’ll be a fun way to see how much my boys have changed in a single year as well.

Just look how much my boys have changed in a single year!

Good news is that I have images selected for January 2009 and 2010! Just 11 months left! I’m on my way to creating and being caught up with Year in Review books!

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Where's my photo?
  1. BarbaraJ Says:

    This is a must for me, I want to do a year in review. Problem my grandkids live in Houston and I will need pictures of my babies. As long as I can drive I will get the photos! Love your article. bj

  2. Earl J Says:

    Excellent tips. But do try to go back and view some photos taken more than a year ago -Picasa makes this easy to do – because in doing that I have discovered some good photos that I didn’t recognize as that good at the time.

  3. AnnAbbott Says:

    I am with you the more photos I take the harder it is to pick out the best. Sometimes if I stare at them too long nothing looks good. So taking it one month/or event at a time would make it so much easier to have a book done by the end of the year. Keep to the rule that less is more and it should work. :)

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