Make Your Videos Look Good

Isn’t it frustrating when you take a video, and the results aren’t as good as you were expecting them to be?

It’s true that the more you shoot video, the better you’ll get at it, but improving the way your videos look from the start isn’t too difficult as long as you stick to a few basic rules. Check out the video below to learn some tips that our friend, Eric, has on making your videos look better:

Do you have any tips of your own or anything you specifically have trouble with? Let us know by commenting on this article.


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    Thank you Eric for the tips….
    I love taking photographs and can see the shot coming into view in my mind’s eye….but I cant seem to translate that to my videos. I am looking foward to these tips to help me make my videos better for my family.

    I do have a question….When you have a group of children in “action”…how do you catch the action without make the scene look out of control. My video seems to miss the action as the children run one way and my camera moves to fast to catch up? Any suggestions? Thanks again

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    Hi Ann,

    That’s a great question!

    When you’re trying to record a scene where there’s a lot of movement, it’s important to stand a good distance away from what you’re trying to get on video. Another important rule is to make sure your camera lens is zoomed out all the way, so you can get as much in the frame as possible.

    A lot of the time, we zoom in to catch some detail, but then have to do a whole lot of camera moving in order to catch something else on the other side of the room on video (say, kids running from one side of the room to another!). If you’re standing too close to all the action or are zoomed in too much, you’ll most likely have to quickly move the camera to catch all the action. The end result? You usually miss out on most of the action and watching your video later makes you feel dizzy too!

    Here are a few easy tips to remember next time you’re trying to get fast action on video:

    1. Make sure your camera lens is zoomed out all the way.

    2. Stand a good distance away from whatever you’re trying to get on video – this allows you to fit more in the frame without even having to move the camera.

    3. Use the “Image Stabilization” function. Most video cameras have this function to eliminate shaking in your video. So, if your hands are a little shaky or you happen to move the camera a bit too quickly, Image Stabilization should help big time. Keep it on!

    I hope some of these tips help. Let us know how your next video attempt goes!

    Mona H.
    Motionbox Support

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