How to Make a Homemade Digital Camera

by Stuart L Posted on December 01, 2009

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Have you ever considered making your own digital camera at home? Well, it’s easier than you would think.

Other than requiring a flatbed scanner, a homemade digital camera is within your reach.

With scanner in hand, all you need is some other basic tools that can regularly be found around the house – a roll of gaffer’s tape, tin foil, spray adhesive, foam core board, cardstock, and a round magnifying glass.

With those items at your disposal, you can create your own digital camera at home by following the steps below:

Now that you’ve created your homemade digital camera, snap some photos and share those photos with your friends and family. Tell them that the images in that photo book or picture card was originally taken with a digital camera… that you created.

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Where's my photo?
  1. shannonr Says:

    wow, I defintiely learned something new today, thanks for sharing this informtion.

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