iPhone photo tips

I’ll admit it.  I very rarely take my own pictures. My mother is a professional photographer so I usually have Marlou Designs available for all my functions. She takes the photos, I make the photobooks…I have to say it’s quite convenient! Thanks Mom!

But there have been occasions when my mother isn’t present, and I’m about to share a little secret… I’ve gotten into the habit of taking pictures with my iPhone. Okay, here’s secret number 2, I use these photos and not just for emailing… I make photobooks with them!  (I know some of you are gasping… including my mother!)

Now that my secrets are out in the open, I have to say some of the pictures aren’t that bad! I don’t have a flash and I can’t “zoom” in, but I’ve learned how to compensate for the lack of features. Dare I share my tips?

Zoom Compensation: I like the focus in on a piece of a person (like a hand sticking out toward me…) it looks like I actually meant to take the picture that way! For example, look at the apple in my son’s hand.  Pretty cool huh?

Flash Compensation: This can be a tricky one. Bright lights work well with the camera phones… also sunny days. But if these are not available, you must be the Houdini of setting up the shot.  Moving the camera around the room until you get the best light. Alright, I admit it, I’ve missed quite a few spontaneous shots, but you can always recreate and if the kids don’t cooperate…that’s what bribery is for!

I bet you can’t wait to see the results! Check out my photobook with all pictures taken from my iPhone!


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    I was fascinated by your iPhone book Kristin, loved it. Now that I have an iPhone I can tell you that I have become a iPhone camera junky. I love the apps and all the editing features for the pictures. I use my iPhone camera all the time. I have a little series of pictures of my granddaughter wearing sunglasses, all taken on my iPhone, maybe I will have enough for a photobook soon :)

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