I ♥ Shutterfly for School Projects

We’re recently past the 100 day mark at school, and Shutterfly is my must-have resource for supporting school projects. I wanted to share some of the ways I’m using Shutterfly to support the classroom.

First, share sites are a must. I can’t be at every field trip and activity, but some parents are usually there to support the teacher and share sites are a great way to keep track of all the photos taken at these events. As a room mom, I also find that it’s a great way to keep a class calendar, share news from our school PTO, and have the teacher update families on the curriculum. You can check out a class website I created last year if you need some additional ideas for how useful it can be.

Second, there are always school projects that are supported by Shutterfly. My daughter is in 4th grade in California and it’s time for her Mission Project. Each student gets to pick a way to document what they’ve learned about California Missions, from creating a movie or a mission model, to a scrapbook of visits to various Mission locations. Well, I knew I’d have to support this endeavor and decided that a photo book would be a great way to document our families experience visiting California Mission locations. So far we’ve visited 3 and have taken photos (of course) as well as documented the history of each site in a notebook. Next up is combining the facts and pictures into the finished book. Wish us luck!

I also volunteer with a local 3rd grade classroom at a school that is under-resourced. At their recent Valentine’s Day party, I saw a bunch of children’s artwork on the teacher’s desk. She explained that she’d read the class the book If You’ll Be My Valentine and then had had each student make a valentine poem and illustration similar to the ones in the book. Well, I couldn’t resist and took a picture of each student’s artwork and have made them into a photo book to preserve the project for the teacher (she was going to use a laminating machine to do the same thing). I combined the artwork with pictures of the Valentine’s Day party and can’t wait to share it with the classroom!

Finally, my daughter’s Brownie Troop is learning about England and wanted to create some authentic ambience for their booth at a local Brownie event where they’ll be teaching other girls about this country. Some inspired parents (not me) suggested using an English photo booth as a prop in the booth where the other Girl Scouts girls could take pictures. I instantly though of our new wall decals and found a stock photo to use for the project. We also will post the photos taken to our Brownie Troop website so that they can be appreciated (and downloaded) by the parents who won’t be there.

I’d love to hear how you ♥ Shutterfly with your student projects.


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