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Express your style with calling cards

Posted By Molly W On February 22, 2010 @ 5:00 am In Family | 3 Comments

Are you the type of person who loves expressing their own style?  I know I am. Whether it is clothes or house wares, cars or paper, I have a distinct point of view that I like to call my own.

I love to pull different genres and aesthetics together to create a look that expresses my personality. I don’t care where the clothes are from, how inexpensive or expensive they are, as long as they are paired well together and showcase my point of view I am a happy lady.

Which leads me to calling cards. My work business cards are very generic, and truthfully I rarely find the time to actually use them. Most of the time I want to pass out my information with people i meet at parties, friends of friends, or other creative’s that could become great idea partners. This is where the calling card [1] comes in.

This card reflects you, has a style you can call your own, rather than the typical corporate logo + name + phone number we are all familiar with. These cards have illustrations and lovely typography, making them feel personal and warm. You are able to choose a design that really speaks to you as an individual-I fancy myself a modern girl, so often go for bold, bright graphics that feel confident and fresh.

I highly advise you to check out Shutterfly’s collection [1]. You will find a range of options, and could perhaps buy more than one design-which would enable you to really be able to express your specific point of view in different ways—just like waking up and putting on the perfect outfit, you could pass out the perfect card at that special event.


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