Destination Wedding – Montego Bay, Jamaica

We took a vacation to Jamaica last year to attend our friend’s destination wedding. Their wedding was at Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica and was probably the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to!

Let me set the scene for you (or take a look at the pictures): imagine sitting on a large stone patio in the shade of palm trees, over looking a gorgeous sand beach on the aqua blue waters of the Caribbean Sea all while the sun is setting, a violin playing “Pachelbel’s Canon” and white Orchid flower pedals filling the aisle…it can’t get much more perfect than that!

The wedding message was also just as amazing as the setting and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. As the couple kissed to finalize their union it looked like the sun exploded out of a cloud shooting rays every direction as if God was putting His blessing on the marriage.

Then it came time for the party! We were served a meal that consisted of steak, Jamaican jerk shrimp, various vegetables, and wedding cake. Then the couple entertained us all with a choreographed dance routine that had everyone cheering by the end. Then the DJ started up and the crowd moved to the dance floor with the ocean breeze blowing through and we danced the night away. Both my wife and I were truly in awe of this wedding and thought if we could do it all over again that we would do a destination wedding…maybe for our 10 year renewal of our vows (only 8 more years to go!).

If anyone is thinking of having a destination wedding I am going to be biased and suggest going to Jamaica. We saw a couple weddings at our resort and there were other weddings booked at the Half Moon and all of them looked stunning.

Thanks for inviting us Emily and Venny and giving us an excuse to go to Jamaica!

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