Simple Just Got Simpler

If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to try our new Simple Path photo book creation process. We launched it last fall and I’m one of many users who appreciates the speed and simplicity it offers for making a book. Many customers tell us they really love the way we lay the photos into the book for you using information embedded in the pictures to arrange the photos chronologically and group them according to time stamp. Others are also impressed with the simplified choices around backgrounds, layouts and fonts. The path takes your photos and places them in stunning layouts paired with beautiful styles.

We’ve now added the next round of updates to Simple Path and I wanted to make sure you were aware of these changes.

The first and most dramatic change is that you no longer have to upload your photos before starting on your photo book. Simple Path can now use pictures on your computer to lay out the book. Removing the upload barrier now makes it almost instantaneous to go from Simple Path start to seeing your book.  Of course the photos still need to be uploaded for you to save and order the book, but the great thing is you can be editing your book as this happens in the background — cropping photos, adding captions, arranging pages, and making style choices. Whether you haven’t uploaded your most recent batch of photos or need to finish the book with several photos still on your computer, we think this new feature will be incredibly useful to helping you complete your photo book project.

We’ve also added ‘full bleed’ layouts to the books. This is a page that has the photo touching each edge of the page. Many folks like to sprinkle these layouts in the book to emphasize some of their most favorite photos. Don’t worry, you can still have a captioned page instead, just look for the small icon next to the full bleed page to switch back to the captioned layout or vice versa.

Finally, we’ve added universal size conversion. What this means is no matter what size book you start, you can make it into any other size book we offer. Want to recreate your 12×12 wedding book into several 7×9 books to give as gifts to wedding attendants, it’s easy! Did you make a stunning 8×8 year in review book that grandma really admired. Easily make it an 8×11 to show off on her book shelf. Make once and resize over and over for many purposes. You can find the option to change sizes in several places including the cover screen, the project menu in the upper right corner, and when you click on the book size in the left hand corner by our logo.

We are continuing to work on additional enhancements to Simple Path based on your feedback, so stay tuned for more updates in the coming months. And, don’t wait any longer to try Simple Path – you don’t even need to be a member or upload to check it out!  Try it now and tell us what you think!


  1. Earl J says

    Excellent coverage of the new improvements to Simple Path. I’m still a hold-out to Custom Path but you are tempting me to try Simple Path, and I do plan to try the universal size conversion.

  2. Joey says

    Awesome changes to Simple Path. Who knew it could get any more simplier?? I have done a few books using this method and I have always been pleased with the results, I love how quick one can make a book.
    Thanks for sharing these new changes. Can’t wait to start a new book!

  3. says

    Well all of the updates to Simple Path are fantastic! I love the new option of going between sizes and not having to redo your books every time. Full bleed pages can add great impact to a photo book and giving Simple Path users the same options is awesome.
    I have to say some of my favorite books I have made with in the last 6 months are Simple Path books! I love Shutterfly and I love that I can use the range of photo book options to save my memories. I use Shutterfly’s digital scrapbook options, Custom Path and Simple Path and each option always gives me a professional looking product!

  4. TonetteB says

    Your article just made my day!!! WOW!! I’m so excited to hear all the new updates Shutterfly added to simple path! I love full bleed pages & I’m thrilled simple path has that option now! Another exciting option is converting a book you created in 1 size to another size! Its so amazing that now you can change a 12×12 book to a 7×9 book! I love this! :)

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