Wedding planning – capture the fun moments

I have to say that the initial stages of wedding planning were a bit stressful. Booking a venue, photographer, florist, caterer, etc. was a lot of work. But once the hard part was over, wedding planning became so much fun! I knew I would want to relive those moments through pictures (and of course make a wedding planning photo book after all is said and done), so we tried to document all of our planning activities.

When my fiancée’s mother came in to town from Alabama to plan the rehearsal dinner, we took her to see our wedding venue. It was the most beautiful fall day and the perfect weather for strolling around the gardens where we will be married in June.

We then headed over to the winery where we will hold the rehearsal dinner and Michael got some great shots there, too.  Pre-rehearsal dinner cocktails will be inside the “wine library” and the dinner will be outside on the terrace. Looking at the photos definitely helps me envision the wedding events and gets us so excited!

When Michael and I traveled to Alabama for Christmas, I had to take some time out for wedding planning there, too. I found a gorgeous veil at an adorable bridal shop in Birmingham and took a photo with my iPhone to send to my mom out in California.

We also stopped by the local home stores to register for wedding gifts. I didn’t want my mom to miss out on that either, so I took another iPhone photo or two to show her our china pattern.  The coolest part was – I could upload all of my iPhone photos directly to my Shutterfly account with the Shutterfly iPhone App. That made it SOOOO easy to get the photos off the phone and out to my family members.


The latest and best part of wedding planning came last week when we tasted our wedding and rehearsal dinner menus with the caterer. After we picked out the table linens, china, glasses, etc., my family, Michael’s family and the two of us sat down to sample some delicious food and wine.  There was a lot of eating, a lot of drinking and a LOT of laughing.  I’m so happy to have photos to remember that event – it was so much fun!

And finally – I couldn’t resist throwing in a photo of my handsome fiancé trying on his wedding suit.

I can’t wait for this photo book – this is one I will definitely look at over and over!!


  1. Earl J says

    This book will be a great way to provide wonderful memories for you, Amy. You told a good story with winning pictures.

  2. says

    If I am invited to a wedding, the bride and groom always get a Shutterfly photo book as a gift. I either love taking shots that I know the bride and groom will not see or remember. I love hearing back that they never saw this or did not remember that. The photograph of the though the wine glass. That is an incredible shot.
    Here are two books I have made for friend of their wedding over the last few years


  3. says

    congrats on your engagement! Wedding planning is the best! And the details are the most important because the actual wedding day just blows by so quickly! The real memories are in all the wonderful planning. We went to like 3 different cake places just so we could taste test cake 😉

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