“Just Because” is the perfect Shutterfly occasion

Never underestimate the value of showing the special people in your life how much they mean to you, especially on days they wouldn’t expect it—beyond the “hallmark” holidays. Take the time to create a Just Because card or album and see the enjoyment it will bring to you and those who receive it.

Everyone experiences times of feeling lucky or happy with a loved one, but too often the opportunity to express it just slips away. Tell your boyfriend, husband, life partner that you love him and all the reasons why. Sending a Just Because card outside of the typical times of year brings an unexpected joy that can mean so much more. Include a recent photo that captures not only a precious moment, but the feelings you have each other. Even better, create a whole photo book of memories together.

For our last anniversary, I gave my boyfriend an album of our memories. In the back, I included a long letter expressing why I love him more and more each day. It was a pleasure for me to put it together and it brought him so much happiness as he leafed through the pages. He said the book was the most sentimental gift he had ever received. With that response, I’m not sure who was more thrilled! I will definitely consider making another one for him in the future.

Do you have a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile but your feelings for her haven’t changed at all? Send her a card letting her know much you still appreciate the friendship. She’ll love receiving something in the mail and be touched by how personal it is. I just did that for a friend from college that I had lost touch with over the years—it was so special to get her call after she read my card. We laughed as if not a day had gone by since our college years.

Why wait for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas to let those in your life know you love and cherish them? We are so busy these days, it’s easy to lose the personal touch of letting our loved ones know we care. Time to break the mold, think outside of the box, and start celebrating Just Because!


  1. conniee4 says

    Thanks for the pointers! Great article! I need to snap some photos of my kids and send some “look how big i’m getting, Just because cards”.

  2. Joey says

    I love the idea of the Just Because books, cards, flowers anything. I like that one doesn’t need a special occassion to do these types of gestures and I, too, get super excited to give a giift or a card Just Because. Those are often times the best ones.

  3. says

    Just because is a perfect excuse for sending a wonderful card out to someone you love. I love the fact with Shutterfly you can make just one card if you want. You can take that card and personalize it anyway to want to make it just for that special someone. Then to boot, Shutterfly will even mail it for you! What more could you ask!

  4. TonetteB says

    I agree that just because..I’m thinking of you or just because….I love you are the perfect times to make a photobook, personalized card, calender, mug, magnet, etc. I have done this many times & the person who I give the just because…I care gift has been so blown away that I thought of them & created something so meaningful for them! When the 7×9 books were on sale I created a bunch for my aunts & cousins & had them mailed directly to them! It was a huge surprise! They were so thrilled! I have also created personalized cards for people who I care about & don’t get to talk to or see that often! They are so touched that I took the time to make a personalized card for them! Shutterfly makes it easy to stay in touch & to let loved ones know that we are thinking of them! When Shutterfly has sales on mugs, calenders, books, magnets, cards is when I make these just because gifts! I LOVE SHUTTERFLY! :) :) :)

  5. Earl J says

    I’ve just received a book, to give guests arriving from France this weekend, that covers our visits to them in France and their previous visit with us in Florida. We know the book will be treatured by them. Nicely done, Stephanie.

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