Commemorating grandma and grandpa

I am a lucky granddaughter because my grandparents (both in their late nineties) still love my visits, even though I’m not cute and cuddly anymore. In fact, yours truly is battling gray hair and wrinkles! G&G don’t care though. In their eyes, I’m always adorable. And let me caveat this by saying that my grandpa has 20/20 vision, thanks to cataract and laser surgery – so his eyes aren’t doing me any favors!

I think G&G are pretty adorable too, and it’s more than that. I admire them– their drive, their positive attitude, their life experience. I love hearing their stories, too: grandma’s early memories of Europe, grandpa’s adventures as the youngest of ten siblings, the challenges they faced during the depression…

And this brings me to my latest project idea. I want to create a photo book commemorating my two admirable elders. I want to tell them how much they’ve made a difference in our lives, how much we admire them, how much we love them and miss them. I’ve made family books for them before, and they’ve loved these, but this time I want it to be something more – something all about them.

Here are some Gallery photo books that are inspiring me along my G&G photo book journey:

I love the handmade quality of this book – a simple loving tribute with handwritten captions. Creating the handmade look was easy! BettyLouW4 simply scanned the pages of a scrapbook and uploaded them directly into the Shutterfly photo book pages.

KristinS1104’s A Life In Pictures is another favorite of mine. Kristin includes scanned photos her grandfather’s younger days, and combines them with more contemporary shots to create a comprehensive story of his life. And as you can see from her article, Kristin’s grandfather deeply cherished this special gift.

61 Years is full of beautiful photos of stephcarson’s grandparents. Sixty-one to be exact. Again, I like the combination of vintage and contemporary images combined to tell the full story.

What inspires you about your elders? How do you express your appreciation? Let me know by commenting on this article.


  1. Earl J says

    This is not only a well-done and powerful book, Rachel, but a fine tribute to your grandparents. It is amazing that they have lived to such an age and with such good physical and mental health. You are going to enjoy, I predict, a long and productive life because of the genes you have inherited.

  2. Joey says

    I’m with Earl that you will live a long and productive life because of the fabulous genes you have inherited. I love all these older photos, the one of your Grandpa with your nephew is ever so sweet. It makes me miss both my grandma’s. One died at age 91 nearly 13 years ago already and my other grandma died the same year at age 75,much too young. I would like to do books on them with my grandpa’s and make a memory/celebration/tribute type of book. I do have a grandma in CA who is 84 and a book on her life would be something she’s like. Especially as she is in the early stages of Alzheimers. It mightt help her remember some things from her past and present.
    Thanks for the great idea and inspiration. :)

  3. BarbaraJ says

    This is such a great idea, and Rachel they are precious and what wonderful memories you have and to share with your G&G is a sweet and loving thing to do. Go for it girl! I love doing books for my mom and daddy.My daddy was 84 and not remembering I did it. Each time he would look at it he would say, “When did you do this Barb, I love it”. He would look at it for hours. Remembering the good times. Great article.

  4. says

    It is so wonderful that you have these two incredible people still in your life. A book of honor of how they made you who you are is a wonderful idea for a book. I know each page with bring back many stories and memories to pass down to the younger family members.

  5. says

    All of my grandparents passed away while I was very young so I never got to know them much… so anything and everything old I just adore! Probably why I am so into researching my family history! But Rachel, these photos are really awesome! And making a photobook honoring you grandparents is such a wonderful idea and something that generations to come will always cherish.

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