Create a collage Easter Egg

This Springtime craft project was always a big hit with my kindergarten students. They loved making beautiful colored paper, then using the paper to create Easter egg collages featuring their favorite photo. Give it a try this weekend with your little ones.


Materials Needed

  1. colored chalk, deep vivid colors if you can find them or pastel
  2. carrot grater
  3. dish tub or oblong  pan
  4. white construction paper
  5. photo
  6. Optional materials: glue stick, gift wrap or colored construction paper, wire ribbon, hole punch

The Paper


  1. Fill a dish tub with 3 or 4 inches of cold water
  2. Grate a small amount of chalk onto the surface of the water. Do this with 3 or 4 different colors of chalk. (Use the finest holes on your grater. Surface tension will hold the chalk on the surface of the water.)
  3. Lay a piece of construction paper on the surfaced of the chalk covered water (you can pre-cut your paper into shapes or note card sizes if you wish)
  4. Carefully pick up the two corners of the paper nearest you and drag the paper across the surface of the water.
  5. Lay the paper face up on a flat surface to dry
  6. Grate chalk onto the surface of the water for each new piece of paper that you want to marble. Change the water frequently.

The Collage


Children love to make marbled paper. The act of making it is enough magic for them. However, once you have made the paper, why not turn it into a beautiful collage Easter egg?

  1. Cut the marbleized paper into the shape of a large egg. I first make a template of this and use it to trace the shape onto my marbled paper
  2. Select a picture that you would like to display in the center of the egg. You can make a smaller template to cover the portion of the photo that you would like to see displayed in the center of the card
  3. Place the small photo template in the center of the card and trace around it. Cut along the line that you have just drawn so that you can create an opening for your photo
  4. Glue or tape your photo onto the back of the egg.
  5. Now you can glue the large egg with your photo onto a colored piece of construction paper or design paper. I have used a gift wrap behind my marbled egg
  6. You can also add bits of torn marbled paper around the outside of your photo on the front of the card to get that old fashion look that you see on eggs made of sugar with a scene inside
  7. To add a ribbon simply punch two holes, side by side into the front of the card and string the ribbon through each hole

Bonus Project

  • Marbled paper makes a wonderful gift wrap!

SAFETY NOTICE: Do not use chalk marbling on Easter eggs as chalk is not meant to be ingested.


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