Easter Excitement

With Easter two weeks away (it’s April 4 this year), I was reminded about the abundance of photo taking opportunities that many families have that weekend with family gatherings, egg hunts, and visits to see the Easter Bunny.

Several photo books in the Shutterfly Gallery capture the unique traditions of this weekend for families.

GracieandMacysMom’s Easter Memories 2007 shows pictures of the traditional Easter eggs, baskets and dresses that accompany a family celebration.

ShelleyP12’s “Easter 2007” chronicles her grandchildren’s Easter visit with pictures of the family celebrating in the warm Florida sunshine (and pool).

Now that Spring is here, consider creating a photo book with the memories of winter wonders and family traditions from your life (like ElizabethN17 did for her family in fall sept to nov 2007). Or, if you have an Easter Story to tell, share it to Shutterfly Gallery.


  1. TonetteB says

    I agree that Easter is packed with tons of photo opportunities! I loved your Easter book examples! The little guy shaving is so adorable! The little girls in their Easter dresses on top is so precious! The middle book is filled with fun! :)

    My favorite Easter book in the gallery is called Kids Easter Party on the Lawn by AnnetteT3! Here’s the link:


    I love this book so much! If anyone hasn’t seen this book they should check it out for some Easter inspiration! :)

  2. TonetteB says

    Here is another link to a book that is filled with 2 weeks of Easter celebrations! This family knows how to have fun! They celebrate with baking beautiful Easter cookies, magnificent homemade Easter cakes, they make the cutest homemade lollipops together, they compete in a peeps olympics, color Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts, visits with the Easter bunny, & more!!!! You will enjoy this book as well! I love it! The EASTER book is called EASTER CELEBRATION 2009 8X8 book by SusanD278:


    ENJOY! :)

  3. Joey says

    I just love Easter and am kind of hoping to get a photo of all the kids this week – kind of a pre-Easter shoot, but I’m not sure how it will work. It’s always so hectic on Easter that its hard to get good photos. Without begging and pleading.
    I’ll check out the books you suggested. Easter is approaching fast!
    Thanks for this article!

  4. says

    We will spending Easter out of town this year. As the offical family photographer, I am excited to have a new canvas to snap pictures of my kids searching for the eggs the Easter Bunny has left for them. I will be a new backyard with all the makings of awesome photos. It makes my job more exciting to see a new place to photograph. If you are not going away for Easter, dress the kids up and take them to the local rose garden or duck pond. As the photographer, you will get some wonderful pictures of spring and enjoy the new back drop too.

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