Kick off your wedding with “Save The Date” cards

Congratulations on your engagement, now its time to start your wedding process. Don’t get too overwhelmed yet-all that you have to do right now is think about your save the date.

Save the Date cards are a great way to kick off your wedding day. The general etiquette is to put your save the date in the mail six months prior to the event. However-if you are planning a destination wedding it is a good idea to get those save the dates out earlier so friends can figure out their travels. That gives you plenty of time to find the perfect invitation and wedding theme.

For those of you who are saying to yourselves “how can I send out a save the date if I don’t know my color palette yet?” don’t worry! Save the dates should express the two of you as a couple, not your wedding colors. Use whatever format feels most comfortable for you-no need to stress yourself out too early on!

Some couples love to use their own photography, others love to use a design piece to evoke their big day or set a celebratory tone.  I say choose what feels most comfortable for you.

Do you want a modern look showcasing your unique photos-choose a black background to make your photos pop.

Is your style classic with a more formal photo- choose colors that reflect the season your big day will be in. Or is it a design that truly expresses your personal aesthetic or perhaps the mood of you big day? Whatever direction you take remember to stay true to who you are as a couple. Trust me, the invitation will be a much more involved process so relax, have fun and happy save the date making!


  1. says

    Save the dates are so fun. I especially like the ones with a photo on it. You guys have so many styles to choose from so it fits any couple. And I love the simplicity of them too.
    shutterfly gallery guru

  2. Joey says

    I love the idea of Save The Date cards. They are so cute and creative. I love all the card designs shutterfly now offers and the quality is superb!

  3. says

    I love these!! My soon to be sister in law ordered her save the dates with a gift certificate to Shutterfly that I gave her :) They turned out so great!!

  4. BarbaraJ says

    I love the save the date and I am sending it to several people I know that are planning a wedding. Great idea!

  5. says

    I have seen quite a few of these lately, Much more popular with couples now. I never knew Shutterfly had so many fun and unique templates to create these. I feel a referral to Shutterfly coming on for my engaged friends. :) Thanks for the samples. They are all very different. Something for everyone no matter what your taste for sure.

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