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Class of 2010 – capture the memories

Posted By Rachel B On April 3, 2010 @ 7:00 am In Photo Book Ideas | 5 Comments

I’m embarrassed to admit that during all of my graduation ceremonies – eighth grade, high school and college – I wasn’t really present. I was there in body, but not in spirit, because my mind was preoccupied with either the future – what classes would I take next year? Would I make new friends? You mean I have to find a job now? Or niggling internal details like, is my graduation cap going to stay on my head? Is my hair okay? Sad but true.

Why hadn’t I focused on what was going on around me? Like the speeches, my classmates, the weather, the smiling faces. I have a few pictures from each event, but not enough to tell the story. I wish I had taken the time to remember more moments.

Now with digital cameras and self publishing services like Shutterfly, even preoccupied people like me have access to all the details. Friends and family are sure to whip out their cameras at graduation and take at least twenty shots each, ensuring that the event will be well recorded. Wish our family had these kinds of tools during my graduations way back when.

If you have a family member or friend who is graduating from elementary school, high school, college, or any kind of program this year (go class of 2010!), I encourage you to take lots of snaps during the big event, and turn them into a photo book [1]. Because you never know, the graduating senior could be preoccupied like me, and will need some visual reminders that the ceremony actually took place.

Here are a few of my favorite graduation books to get you inspired. What I appreciate about many of these examples is that they include snapshots taken throughout the graduating senior’s life, adding more breadth and richness to the collection of memories.

My Little Girl [2] by LoriH168
Sarah’s Graduation Book [3] by SusanS1030
Jonathan Graduation Weekend [4] by CheriL1
Noah Graduation [5] by DanaA52
Brian’s Graduation [6] by raulv
Fire Academy Graduation [7] by Nicole422


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