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Capturing an Egg Hunt on Video

Posted By Mona H On April 1, 2010 @ 7:00 am In Photo Tips | 4 Comments

One of the most fun activities you can do with the little ones this Spring is an Egg Hunt. Instead of just taking photos though, make sure to get all the fun on video this year too. Sharing the video with your party guests and other friends and family will make your Egg Hunt something others will always remember.

(Image by MizFlash [1])

Check out the following tips on how to make a great Egg Hunt video:

Preparing the Egg Hunt
Whether you’re painting chicken eggs or filling plastic eggs with goodies, make sure to get *all* the egg prep on video! Getting ready for an Egg Hunt can be one of the most exciting parts of an Egg Hunt party, so make sure to have the camera rolling while you’re preparing. This includes hiding the eggs! Try to have someone film you while you hide the eggs in all kinds of places. And don’t forget party decor either!

(Image by MandyW249 [2])

Ready, set, go!
Make sure to get all the action on video from the start. However you’re starting the egg hunt, whether by yelling out “Ready, set, go!” or by blowing a whistle, make sure to get this part on video so that your hunt will have a sequence on video. Then, keep filming! Don’t feel shy to follow the kids around with the camera; they’ll be so excited, they won’t even notice you. Make sure to capture details like the excitement on their faces, as well as how they search high and low for the eggs.

Image by SusanD278 [3])

Egg Hunt Aftermath
If you plan on giving out prizes once the hunt is over, make sure to film the winners and their prizes. Feel free to go around at this time and “interview” all the kids; let them show you all the eggs they collected and allow them to say a few words about anything interesting that happened or how they liked the Egg Hunt in general. Catching their excitement and happiness on video will be priceless.

(Image by MandyW249 [2])

Once you go home, transfer all the videos to your computer and upload them to your Shutterfly account [4]. Then, share it with family and friends! This will be an Egg Hunt they won’t forget.

(Image by Raina C [5])

Have fun!


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