Share sites make it fun to be a team parent

My son has played baseball since he was a tot, so my love for the sport goes all the way back to Pee Wee games with boys and girls playing in a small field and eating Icees. When Shutterfly introduced their Share sites, I immediately created my son’s Raiders Baseball Site, and my life as a team parent became much easier, and even more enjoyable.

As the team photographer (nominated for the job probably because I take over 300 shots per game!), I can now easily share photos with team members and parents. Everyone loves the Section I titled “Recent Photos” featuring the latest games and highlights. A lot of the boys copy my photos and put them on their personal Share sites and social networks. I know the boys love it because they constantly tell my son- “Your mom’s site is so cool!” The school has even used some of the Share site photos for our School Year Book.

Sharing pictures is just the beginning. I can also post a schedule of games, create team rosters with contact info, and also coordinate items for the concession stand, which is much easier than having to call or email everyone. I’ve also made a baseball photo book highlighting each team member and posted it on the Share site. Parents can now look at the book and order copies for themselves.

If your child is involved in any group activity like baseball, football, soccer, cheer leading, dance, etc., I highly recommend starting a Shutterfly Share site. It’s the perfect place to share ideas, coordinate activities, and look at your children having fun!


  1. rsheedy says

    Share sites are the perfect way to share information, announcements, and best of all: photos! What a great idea to use this for your son’s baseball team. Every team needs a share site! :)

  2. Joey says

    Great article and i couldn’t agree more – Share Sites are so fun to share photographs of a sports activity, or anything for that matter. Its a great way to bring people together.
    Love that you made a site for Kerry’s baseball site. So fun that the other boys love it as well!!
    Love this Tammy!

  3. says

    share sites rock! I will have to see if I can do one with all the family history I am working on. Would love to be able to get the input from my kazillion aunts and uncles!!!

  4. says

    I love this idea Tammy, and even though our family does not play sports, I approached today by my daughter’s pre-school teacher to set up a share site for the school. It will of course show off all of the pre-schoolers hard at work so the parent can see what goes on. I thing the share site would be perfect for any group that needs to keep in touch with each other for important dates and events.

  5. says

    I love my share site!! It has become such fun for me. It’s a fantastic way to share so many things in life: weddings, sports, Family trees, new babies, new hobbies……. I love the share sites!!
    Great article Tammy!!

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