Documenting an Anniversary with a photo book – a perfect gift

The 50th Anniversary celebration of my parents was a moving and astonishing event. Moving because there were so many friends and family from all over who gathered to pay homage to my parents; astonishing because so few people have the honor to celebrate this milestone. I knew that making a photo book of the occasion would not only be a great way to formalize and document the event, but would allow my parents to fondly reflect back on it over and over again.

I hired a friend of mine to take the photographs, since I couldn’t risk missing a single moment and I had a full-time job as the MC for the party. I worked with the photographer to make sure that we had scenes and themes sorted out so there would be a rich story that unfolded in the photo book: decorations, setting up, each and every hug as the attendees arrived, the food, the speeches, the dances, the tears as people waved goodbye. These images, organized in this way allowed the book to almost make itself. The images chronologically arranged were true to the cadence of the day and quickly fell into place.

Then when the story of the day was complete in the layout, I went back into the book and included scans from the original event—their wedding—50 years earlier. This contrast of images created a framing devise. At the beginning of the photo book, it was a reminder of their youth and potential, and at the end, it annotated their longevity and devotion to each other.

I made 2 copies for my parents. One stays at home in perfect condition, one stays in the car so my Mom can pull it out and remember the day with friends and family wherever she is.


  1. Earl J says

    I know the 50th anniversary is special — my wife and I will celebrate our 25 in October and we’ll want to do a book for us in honor of it. It was a great idea of yours to make two copies for them

  2. BarbaraJ says

    This is a wonderful thought and also a beautiful book. I made a memory book for my mom and dad on their 64th anniversary. They loved it. Making memories with a photo book on their anniversary is so sweet. Great article!

  3. says

    Seeing a history of a couple and the years they have spent together is wonderful. We take so much time planning the wedding with the hopes of the future. I love giving back a book with the pride of the past along with the joy of family. Together these are what make an anniversary book a treasure for the couple and the family combined.

  4. Joey says

    You did an amazing job on the book for your parents. 50th anniversary is quite the milestone event. I like how you added in older photos from 50 years ago and recent ones from their party. The book looks fabulous. I also love the idea you made them 2 copies, one for their car and one for home. I will be doing something like this for my parents 50th. I have 5 years but its always good to plan.

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