iPhone is top “camera” on Flickr

by Stuart L Posted on February 28, 2010

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Flickr, the popular photo-sharing site brings all different types of people, with camera types as varied as their owners.

While the majority of photos on the site were taken by the industry’s most popular brands, the recent popularity of ubiquitous camera phones looks to give regular digital cameras a run for their money.

Within Flickr, the most photos are taken by Canon brand cameras, followed by Nikon, Sony, Olympus and then Kodak.

However, the most-popular camera on Flickr isn’t even a camera, it’s a smartphone – when measured by daily usage, the Apple iPhone is the most popular camera according to Flickr. The Blackberry and Nokia also contribute a significant share.

It’s no surprise that the iPhone dominates the mobile phone market when it comes to camera use.  It’s reach, features, and intuitiveness puts the smartphone a cut above its competitors.

With the iPhone, one can upload your photos onto Flickr, or a Shutterfly Share site with a click of a button. You can also go into your photo gallery and personalize birthday cards, party invitations, or a holiday card with your favorite photos.

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Where's my photo?
  1. ElleSnaps Says:

    I love my iPhone!! I have to say that I never thought I’d be the kind of gal that would say that but I do. I have several apps on my iPhone that make pictures even more fun, plus I have the Shutterfly app and upload straight from my iPhone. I edit them all on the iPhone too. There are so many fun editing tools for the pictures that I can hardly resist them. I have a share site that I have uploaded all the camera phone pictures too, it’s called the Cell Goodies page. So many great pictures from friends and mine too. Love it!!

  2. Tiffany M Says:

    Wow, that is very interesting! I have a personal fondness with my iPhone too but only use it as a camera when I HAVE to get a shot of something and don’t have the camera with me. Which is rare. And the Shutterfly App, is probably the most used app on my phone (not including all my toddler son’s games)


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