The New Cancun

I have had the great fortune to travel to Cancun 4 times in the last year, but when I went down last time it wasn’t the same Cancun…it was even better!

Cancun has beautiful hotels, great golf courses, world-class dining and shopping, plus a fun nightlife. However, the one thing Cancun has been missing is a beach. You are probably thinking that doesn’t make sense because it’s Mexico and it is on the Caribbean side, but the hurricanes over the years have diminished the beaches so much that you only had enough room for a few beach chairs.

That’s all changed, though. They have gone through a HUGE beach renovation project and I couldn’t believe what I saw when I walked outside the resort. The beach was amazing! It was big enough to have hundreds of beach chairs with room enough left over to play soccer and volleyball and run around.  I even had dinner on the beach at The Royal in Cancun, which wasn’t possible just a few months ago (see picture below)! It’s hard to explain the major difference in words and this is Shutterfly after all, so here are some before and after pictures. These are not exactly the same before and after shots since I stayed at different resorts but all of Cancun got a restoration.

Before: (You can see how close the water comes to the resort wall)

After: (Photo taken by fellow co-worker who was on the trip – Cory Shubert)

Dinner on the beach: (again photo taken by Cory Shubert)

As you can see there is a huge difference in beach size and I can’t wait to get back to play.  Have you been to the “new” Cancun?  If so, what did you think of the beach?


  1. Joey says

    Wow! What an amazing difference. I never knew the ocean was that close to the hotel. The new beach is AMAZING – it makes me want to pack my bags and go there now.
    I really like the outside dinning. Looks so pretty. Awwww, I really want to go now!
    Thanks for sharing this fun article!

  2. says

    I have noticed difference when we have traveled to the same local year after year. I have young children and Disneyland has been our destination for the past few years. There are really stepping up and beginning to redo Disneyland’s California Adventure in big style. I have photographs from year to year of the changes and it makes if fun to look back.

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