Bar and bat mitzvah cards get a modern makeover

Anyone who has had a bar or bat mitzvah in the last thirty years remembers sitting with his or her mom in a stationery store looking through those massive albums full of invitations. And since you were about twelve years old there was a lot of eye rollage and “gag me’s” and some whining and “could this be any more horrible?” Because it was horrible. It was the last place you wanted to be on Wednesday afternoon. Besides Hebrew school, of course.

But it was kind of a big deal, this ancient coming of age ritual and you’d been preparing for it for years since it involves reading from the Torah and leading the whole congregation in a service, mostly in Hebrew. And since you were twelve or thirteen and knew everything you definitely had an opinion. You wanted your invitation to be cool/sweet/rad/stylin’/bitchin’. Right? But what I remember most about those albums was that so many of the invitations may very well have been wedding invitations. Too formal. Too elegant. A little on the fancy side for a preteen.

As a mom I have about seven more years until I get to pick out bar mitzvah invitations with my son but you can be sure we won’t be sitting in a stationery store flipping through thirty pound albums. We’ll be online because, praise the almighty, Shutterfly has added Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations to their line of stationery and they are spot on – completely age appropriate, stylish without being over the top and absolutely affordable. Plus, there are matching response cards and thank you notes. The selection is also great and includes photo and non-photo options. From classic damask patterns to geometric lines to traditional symbols and sayings, this collection has it all. Amen to that.


  1. says

    These card combine best of what the parents want and what the kids like. Great colors and modern designs are awesome as well as the cost of doing them yourselves with Shutterfly.

  2. Joey says

    I really like these card selections. The child thinks they are cool and hip and the parents like them because they are affordable and represent who their child is. I know where I live there is only a small section of Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations. These are so handy and hopefully many will come to Shutterfly to make their own. The quality is superb. Ordering invites from Shutterfly is the only way to go in my opinion.

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