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I love hanging around the house and partaking in home-based activities. Favorite pastimes include making pancakes, reading a good book, playing with the dog, petting the cats, sitting in the yard to soak up a little sun, going for a walk around the neighborhood, and watching a favorite movie. These may seem ordinary even boring, but to me, they’re special moments.

I like to remember the smell of those pancakes right out of the pan, or the beautiful cloud formation as we walk through the neighborhood, or the look on our cat’s face when we catch her eating the dog food. Even catching my husband asleep on the couch. Those small around-the-house memories mean a lot to me, and I’ll often take out our little camera to capture them.

I love looking at our Shutterfly Gallery photo books that express those home body moments, too, because they capture the lives of families enjoying themselves in their favorite familiar spots. There’s no place like home!

Here are some of my favorites.

Sherri scrapbook
Nature at home

Are you a home body? What images do you like to capture in and around your house? Let us know by commenting on this article.


  1. BarbaraJ says

    Rachel, this is always one of the best books. Our own little world that we love and live each day. Great idea.

  2. Joey says

    Love what you wrote about seeing the look on your cats face as she takes a bite out of the dogs food. Thats hilarious! I am very much a home-body and enjoy all the things you listed above. I love sitting on my deck and looking at the big fluffy clouds and taking pictures of them. I love flowers and can’t wait to fill my deck with oodles and oodles of flowers so I can snap away. With my new camera, i have been taking photos of everything for practice. I very much enjoy lazy Saturdays when its raining, gives me a chance to catch up on TV shows, movies I missed during the week.
    I can always capture a simple every day moment as my camera is never far away. :)

  3. Debbie Speed says

    I am a super homebody! I love my house, and everything in it! It gets kind of quiet at times, and that’s when I love to have shutterfly to do, when my hubby’s at work, or he is watching a game! I love to take photos of the clouds also for practice, I am always looking out at them, or looking for a great sunset to catch, or I try to catch photos of my dogs, and all the different flowers that come out in the yard at different times! My grandson has taken to running from me when he sees the camera, much to my dismay! But he thinks it is fun, and makes a game of it, so I try to sneak pics of him, but he is always on the watch, I have to be really sneaky, so that’s something fun to do when I have my grandson over! He is 8 years old, and is to cute to not catch some photos of! I am trying to be more aware of simple things to catch photos of also! Because most of my time is spent at home where I feel comfortable too!

  4. BarbaraJ says

    I would love to challenge our Gurus to make a book about their Everyday life. I love this idea and we can really get to know more about each other.

  5. shannonr says

    I tend to take so many more pictures as function/events, I have to remind myself that the everyday picture is just as imporant and can also tell a great story. This article is definitley a reminder of that. Some of my favortie shots at home are the ones outside when the dogs are running around and my son is playing in the yard. The indoor shots aways seem “cluttered” to me but I will not try to start taking more of those indoor shots that I dont want to forget about in the future :)

  6. says

    I love the daily stuff that happens around my house. My three year old getting into the glitter make up, putting on her older sister’s baseball cap with the “jewels” on them and her favorite tank top with the strawberry….coming down the stairs and announcing to us that “Ms. Pop” as arrived… that is what cameras are made for…

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