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capture those moments at home

Posted By Rachel B On May 1, 2010 @ 7:00 am In Photo Tips | 8 Comments

I love hanging around the house and partaking in home-based activities. Favorite pastimes include making pancakes, reading a good book, playing with the dog, petting the cats, sitting in the yard to soak up a little sun, going for a walk around the neighborhood, and watching a favorite movie. These may seem ordinary even boring, but to me, they’re special moments.

I like to remember the smell of those pancakes right out of the pan, or the beautiful cloud formation as we walk through the neighborhood, or the look on our cat’s face when we catch her eating the dog food. Even catching my husband asleep on the couch. Those small around-the-house memories mean a lot to me, and I’ll often take out our little camera to capture them.

I love looking at our Shutterfly Gallery [1] photo books that express those home body moments, too, because they capture the lives of families enjoying themselves in their favorite familiar spots. There’s no place like home!

Here are some of my favorites.

Sherri scrapbook [2]
Nature at home [3]
Creamy [4]

Are you a home body? What images do you like to capture in and around your house? Let us know by commenting on this article.


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