photo books celebrating the Big 4-0

The big 4-0 is a milestone I faced last year and my husband faces this one. I‘ve seen some 40th birthday tribute albums in the Shutterfly Photo Book Gallery, and thought I’d share a few with you for inspiration –  in case you’re helping someone celebrate a milestone birthday (10, 20, 30, 40 or whatever age).

Denise by ROLANDAV documents a friendship that began in 5th grade and continues to this day. I love how Denise’s life plays out in photos and memories from her friend and can imagine the reaction she received.

The Book of Chris by MaryAnnKnight is an ambitious 40th birthday undertaking. She wrote to family and friends asking them to submit answers to a variety of questions she posed (When was the first time you met? Memorable moments together? Notable quotes and Chris-isms? Why do you admire him? What have you learned from him? Your favorite story about Chris?). The answers – long and short – were included in the book along with a photo sent along by those who responded. While at first I felt daunted by this approach, I actually see it as really helping to inspire the creation process and fill the book with content.

Finally, GRT40 by TanaF7 is the traditional biographical approach with photos from Glen’s life from birth through his major milestones and into his present work and family situation.

Do you have a special photo book you’ve given as a birthday gift? Let us know by commenting on this article.


  1. lori0612 says

    I am working on my husband’s 40th birthday book right now. We both turn 40 in June (yes – we were born on the exact same day) It is hard to do something special as a surprise when you share the day. So I am working on this book. Would you consider posting “The Book of Chris” book so we can all see the details. (I couldn’t seem to find it if you did) I am having trouble mixing the old and new photos. I’m trying the “40 things we love about you” approach that was in another article on Shutterfly.
    Your cover looks great. Thanks for the article.

  2. Joey says

    Lori to find the book of Chris – Click on the orange letters above and you’ll see the whole book. How fun both you and your husband turn 40 on the same day!!
    My sister turns 40 this June also and I started the daunting task of sending her friends messages in January – I only heard from a handful – i didn’t have any other way to contact them other then by going on my sisters facebook wall and sending messages to her HS friends and other friends. I have now moved on to the relatives. I will order the book by the 2nd week in June so she has it for her party. I left a few pages blank so people can write messages if they didn’t make the book. I think it will be worth all the effort. Some people are procrastinators.
    I did a book for myself when I turned 40 as nobody in my family makes these books. Just showing pictures of the dinner and all my family together.
    Thanks for these ideas Lara!

  3. BarbaraJ says

    There are so many great ideas in the books you suggested. It is so much fun to have a birthday celebration for someone you love. I will be having my mothers 85th birthday party in July. I will have several cameras for guest to take photos and we are making a share site page for mom to show all the pictures. I am working on a guest book to have at her Birthday Party (quotes and wishes from this book will be used in ther Birthday Book). You can make a book ahead of time or after the party. To share with guest have them leave their email address. Fun to have parties. Also Shutterfly has made a memories DVD of pictures of mother as she grew up to play on the Television at the party. Thank you for your suggestions.

  4. says

    Milestone bithday books are great at any age. You can help the person relfect all of the incredible things they did to become who they are today; may it be at 1,16,21,40, or 65 and beyond!

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