Storyboard is my new best friend

Don’t tell, but I never actually used Shutterfly’s Storyboard™ tool until about a month ago – and now I am kicking myself, because that feature makes photo booking so much easier! If you don’t know what it is, time to get acquainted with my new best friend.

I had just come back from the Netherlands with four hundred images in my camera, and knew I wanted to create a photo book. However, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of pictures I had to deal with. How was I going to wade through four hundred photos? On a whim, I clicked on the Storyboard™ button, to see if it would help.

What I saw looked promising. On the left side of the screen were my images, and on the right, mini versions of my book pages. I could drag as many images into each mini page as I liked, and the Storyboard™ tool would choose the layouts that would look best. I started dragging and dropping. Conveniently, all of my images were in chronological order, so I could easily make the book chronological too. Honestly, it took less than half an hour to choose the images for all of my pages, because they were so easy to see. I could hover over them to get an enlarged view, then choose the ones I liked. Another secret was keeping the book short. I always try to rein in on the number of pages. Makes both the creating and viewing experience much more fun.

Once all of my images were chosen, I exited Storyboard™ and went back into my regular photo book view. All the pages looked great, and for the most part, the chosen layouts were perfect (just had to make a few adjustments). This left only the covers and spine (plus a few quotes), which took about 20 minutes.

The results were amazing. I was so pleased with this book, and astounded that I could transform a huge pile of photos into a finished photo book in only forty five minutes.

I’m never going back to re-inventing the wheel again. From now on it’s Storyboard™ for me (unless I feel like being a copycat). Once you give Storyboard™ a try you’ll never go back either.


  1. shannonr says

    The storybook feature is my best friend…LOL. When it first came out I was curious about it so gave it a shot and immediatley knew this was how I was going to create all my photobooks from then on out. I also came back from vacation with tons of pictures (600+) and the storybook feature made it so much easier and enjoyable. I usually put my pictures in using the storybook feature then go back and tweek from there. Great article and definitely a feature everyone should try out. I also find using this feature to be easier than doing the Simple Path.

  2. says

    I’ve used it on a friends too, she loved it. I thought will the next time I make a book I’m gonna give that a try for myself. It’s on my list.

  3. says

    Story board is wonderful. I like it because it gives you more control than going the Simple Path way of making a photo book. Simple Path does it all for you and that is awesome, but sometimes I want a bit more control so I use Custom Path. Using the story board feature in Custom Path can really speed up the completion of a book with out taking away the control you give up with Simple Path. Really with using the story board feature you are getting the best of both Simple and Custom Path’s worlds.

  4. Earl J says

    OK Rachel, I’ll give it a try even though I, wierdly, do enjoy taking a lot of time in putting my photo books together. Being retired helps me having the time to do it this way. But, I’ll let you know about my experience in trying Storyboard.

  5. BarbaraJ says

    Rachel, I also have used the Story board and it is a great idea. Only this last time that I used it did I realize just how much it saves your time! I was making an adoption book for a family and she wanted selected photos together on the same pages. It found the templates that were perfect. In fact I was so impressed on some of the larger layouts, that I tried to look for them and it was really hard to find. Great idea and it is a wonderful friend for me. Thank you for this article.

  6. Joey says

    I must admit i still have not tried this. Everytime I am half-ways into a book, I think of it. I plan to do this with my next book.
    Thanks for the great article and teaching me to just go for it!

  7. says

    I just started using the storyboard tool when i was teaching an older couple on how to make a photo book!!!! Wow! It sure does save a lot of time! It is so great to be able to organize all my pics on the specific pages I want before going in there and deciding on page layouts. Great tool! a++!

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