Styling your baby for the perfect shot

As a family photographer, I like to tell my clients that style counts. I get all giddy when I learn one of my clients is expecting. When my sister first told me she was pregnant, I did a happy dance for a month straight. I couldn’t wait to meet him, and I really couldn’t wait for him to meet my camera. In honor of the already hundreds of photographs that I have taken of little Sam, I wanted to share a few tips on newborn photo-perfect fashion.

1) Think Handmade. If you do not know a knitter, I’d highly recommend for some yummy finds. Simply search newborn knits, and you’ll find an array of adorable hats, diaper covers, cocoons and bundlers.

2) Easy as a Snap. Snap shirts (comfy baby shirts that snap up the front) are super-duper cute on wee-little babies.  Busy patterns can be distracting and most clothes are simply too big, but these little basics are perfect for early photos. If you have a touch of sewing skills, you can hand embroider simple words, names or phrases on the shirt.

3) Swaddle me.  Newborns love to be swaddled so what better time to capture a few images. Pick a favorite blanket with a simple pattern, wrap your baby up like a burrito and snap away.

And if all else fails, go au naturelle! Yes, my absolute favorite newborn images show off the goodness of newborn skin from brand-new bare feet to sweet little skin folds. There really is nothing better in life.


  1. Joanna T says

    Jessi, your talent blows me away! I love these images of your gorgeous nephew Sam and how you suggested ways to dress or not to dress a newborn. I have heard many great things from – that hat and diaper cover is so cute. And you embroidered too on a shirt. Oh so cute. Is there anything you can’t do? :)

    I admire your talents and creativity and thank you for sharing them with us. I bet your family is happy to have a pro photographer in the family!

    Shutterfly Gallery Guru

  2. rsheedy says

    Such gorgeous photos! You are so very talented, and I absolutely love your baby photos. Your nephew is such a cutie!

    shutterfly gallery guru

  3. Tammy M. says

    Great tips Jessi, I love the article and also love taking pics of my new little grandbaby. I just love the photo book of your nephew, great job. I also love the naked pics, just adorable and so sweet and innocent. Thanks for the tips and for inspiring me in the gallery with your talents.
    Shutterfly Gallery Guru

  4. Ann Abbott says

    You are so right Jessi about keeping it simple. There is nothing better than a newborn in an onesie. It is just so simple and classic. You can go pink or blue for girl or boy or just plan white is just as nice. Place the baby on brand new fluffy blanket for your back ground and asleep or awake you have a perfect setting to catch awesome photos.

    Ann Abbott
    Shutterfly Gallery Guru

  5. Tiffany M says

    Awe… all those babe’s pictures are so so cute. LOVE the hat in the first one. I have knitted cocoons for friends but never a hat. Great lead and idea for those people seeking sweet ideas!

  6. BarbaraJ says

    What a sweet article! This give me ideas, I have a new grandbaby coming and it just might be a girl. I need to prepare ahead of time.

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