Going to the doctor

My son is headed off to kindergarten which is hard to believe. I was caught somewhat unaware when it was suddenly February and he needed to have his registration packet completed along with supporting documentation about his domicile, date of birth and vaccination history. So I quickly took care of all the forms and photo copies but then came the vaccination check-list and my son was missing a few of those. Oops. In my defense he’s a fall baby so his 5 year-old shots really shouldn’t be due until he turns five.  Anyway, he hadn’t had shots in a while and I anticipated the worst. In fact the whole ordeal was over quickly but then today I came upon this adorable little photo book made by a nursing student to help kids overcome their fears of the doctor’s office. Where was this book two weeks ago! What a great idea.

I know there are plenty of books about going to the doctor, but, wouldn’t it be great if the pictures were actually of the child’s pediatrician? And the actual doctor’s office. Even the actual child! And then I got to thinking, maybe we could turn it into a project that we do as a kind of distraction. My son loves to take pictures, so maybe the next time we’re at the doctors, he gets to take the camera and document his experience. And then we put it together as a photo book for my younger daughter to help her get through the experience. Stories are such powerful learning vehicles for kids. What a treat to be able to make them personal.

Check out Sophie Goes to the Doctor and see how it inspires you.

And also, What kind of Doctor will you be? a sweet kid’s book about different kinds of doctors.


  1. BarbaraJ says

    What a great idea, I only wish I had this for my boys or grandkids for their upcoming doctor visits. I love all the creative ideas for making photo books and using them in our everyday lives. Great book, and thank you for sharing. bj

  2. Joey says

    This is such a brilliant idea Susie. I really think it would be benifical for the child so he/she isn’t so afraid of going to the doctor. I love the idea of bringing a camera so yur son can document his experiment. And then make a photobook.
    I will check out these books.

  3. says

    I guess I have been such a focused mom when it comes to the doctor, I never in a million years thought of bringing my camera. This is such a cool idea. Maybe I should relax a bit and take my camera on an annual kid check up.

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