Introducing Simple Path

I am so excited to launch a revolutionary creation experience we’re calling Simple Path. As the name implies, it complements our existing custom path experience by simplifying and speeding up the process of creating a photo book. The three main features that help to accomplish this are:

– We pre-fill the book with your images using smart features that arrange and group the photos by date taken. There’s no longer the need to spend lots of time organizing your images before you start.

– We have created 21 beautiful styles that combine backgrounds, layouts, photo edges and fonts into a beautiful showcase for your images. With one click you can see the style applied to your story.

– We’ve made our editing tools even easier to use so that any changes you make result in a book that’s always ready to buy. Layouts automatically adjust to accommodate the number of images you want on the page and the presence of captions.

We think this path is perfect for the first time photo book maker who may not think they have the time or creativity to make a book themselves. With Simple Path the book is made for you in seconds with the images you’ve selected and it looks professionally laid out.

As a custom path fan, I can also see using it for the books I always intended to make but didn’t get around to. Already I’ve complete a book that uses the pictures I took at a 9th birthday party to give to the birthday girl as a belated gift (using the ‘confetti’ style). I’ve also done the day trip to the beach that I can share with a family friend to thank her for hosting us (using the ‘summer splash’ style). And finally all the pictures of my new kittens are easy to show off in a photo book made with Simple Path (using the ‘wine & chocolate’ style). I urge you to give it a try and see how it delivers on the promise of making beautiful photo books so simple!

For you Gallery fans, one thing that we’ve not yet done is enable sharing of photo books made with Simple Path to Gallery. However, you can still share them via email and to Facebook but not to our photo book community.


  1. Joey says

    These Simple Path book are such a great invention. They make things so easy when we need to whip something up. I am thinking of doing a couple of these as Christmas gifts. I like that we can use any size book too.
    I really like having ‘control’ over what I do in my books – but you can still move photos and do journaling, pick a background color. Its a fabulous invention.

  2. says

    I love Simple Path. I have used the Custom Path for years and really enjoy the all of the control you have with it. However, Simple Path gives you the use of the basic controls and the connivance of speed. I have put some really great books together quickly with Simple Path that are just as good if not better than if I used Custom Path.

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