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Let’s face it, we’re addicted to Disney. Okay, maybe some of you could take it or leave it, and you are definitely entitled to your opinion, but for the rest of us, what is there NOT to like about the happiest place on Earth? Personally, I’ve been hankering for another Disney visit, so I wrote this little Disney piece as an excuse to peruse some of our Disney books. Wanna take a little Disney ride with me? Excellent! Let’s check out a few of my  favorites.

2009 Disney Mothers Day Surprise by CynthiaY2
Team Disney Trip 2009 by KatiePertiet
Disney 2008 by annV184
Disney Album by AR0015

How about sharing your Disney photo book favorites, by commenting on this blog? Or maybe you’ve got a Disney favorite that you’ve made. Share that one too! And while we’re at it, what’s your favorite Disney ride?


  1. shannonr says

    Rachel you are so correct, Disney is the best place on earth. We headed to Disney World this past April. I love looking through CynthiaY2 Disney Books. No matter how many times I have been to Disney I look through her books and always find something new.

  2. stacylynn says

    I just LOVE Disney!! I love looking at all the wonderful and creative books. CynthiaY2 and so many others have awesome books and ideas for scrapping!

  3. says

    Disney! Did you say Disney! Our family has become so bonded with Disneyland and all it has to offer that it is our favorite place on earth. Over the last few years I have been putting together our vactions in books and each year they grow with Disney style. Check them out…. and

    Favorite ride…. Pirates of the Caribean!

  4. says

    I went to a meeting California and ended up in Disneyland, it was sooo much fun :) I got my picture with Goofy and everything!! It’s such a wonderful place. Cynthia’s books are great! and make me want to take my granddaughter :) Great Article Rachel!

  5. Joey says

    This article is so FUN! Makes me want to go to Disney and see all the happy people, take photos, eat, and have a great time. I have to agree w/ all the ladies that Cythia’s Disney books ROCK!! They take us to another place I have never been. The last time i was at D.Land i was a Junior in HS – a LONG LONG time ago!! i get to relive going there by all the great books.

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