Create the Father’s Day card he will remember

The men in my life are tough to shop for. Two of them are firm believers in NO PRESENTS EVER! – what? Are you kidding? – and the other two have absolutely everything.

I’ve come up with an effective solution to these challenges, though, and it’s called the personalized photo card. A photo card is small, so even the man who has everything will find a place for it. It’s personalized, so he’s guaranteed to appreciate it. AND technically, it’s not really a present. Plus, I’ve come up with a secret formula to create the card he will always remember.

Here’s the secret, in case you want to use it for yourself. Go ahead, I don’t mind. All you need to do is answer one of these questions and you’ll have the perfect words for your Father’s Day card:

  • Your favorite moment with the dad in your life
  • Why he’s so special to you
  • The things about him that make you smile

If you need a little more inspiration to get you started, take a look at the example above.

Do you have a Father’s Day card question or idea? Let me know by commenting on this blog!


  1. rsheedy says

    Both of the cards are gorgeous. I love the selection of cards at Shutterfly, and being able to personalize them is the best part.

  2. Joey says

    I love these cards you created Rachel. I was just thinking I need to make my dad a card – perfect inspiration. I, too, love all the new selections and that we can personalize them with our own special greetings.
    Off to make my cards!

  3. says

    I just love the cover of the father’s day card. Your choice of a black and white photo with the grays and the powder blues works so well. As for making a father’s day card so personal and special will mean much more that a store bought card for sure! I love it!

  4. says

    I will be using a few of these ideas come next year. I took a great funny picture of my dad that I am going to sit on for a year, til he forgets and then use it in his fathers day card that I will put together in Shutterfly next year :) Great ideas!

  5. says

    Great Ideas, Rachel!!
    My Dad was gone long before I found the world of Shutterfly……but he would have loved the cards I would have made him!! I would have had a lot of fun with this!!

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