How to Make a Photo Book with Facebook Photos

Shutterfly just introduced the ability to use Facebook photos in Simple Path photo books. Now you can pick your photo book pictures from virtually anywhere – your computer, your Shutterfly account, your Facebook account, and Facebook photos where you’ve been tagged.

To help you get started, I’ve put together simple step-by-step instructions. Give them a try and you’ll see how fast and easy it is!

1. Get started by going to, clicking on Photo Books and then choosing Simple Path – where you’ll be able to use photos from your computer, Facebook, or your Shutterfly account to create your book (if you’ve logged in).

2. Choose a photo book size. Personally, I love our larger-sized books, and for this project I’m going to go with an 8×8. Keep in mind that Facebook stores at low resolution, so image quality may suffer when using larger image templates. Check out our FAQ for more information.

3. Get your Facebook photos by clicking on the “Add Pictures” button. Now Click on the “Facebook” tab. If you’re not already logged into Facebook, follow the instructions on the screen to connect to Facebook. Once connected, you’ll have access to the photos in both your Facebook account and your friends’ accounts. Access to your friends’ albums depends on the privacy settings they’ve set.

4. Click on the photos you want to add to your book in the photo selector. You can also include pictures stored on your computer or in your Shutterfly account. When you’re done selecting photos, click the “Add to Photo Book” button at the bottom of the photo selector and Simple Path will populate your book for you!

5. Customize your book. Now you can change the style of your book, arrange your pictures, and add captions. And when you have everything perfect, just click “Order Book”.

From Facebook to photo book:  it’s that easy! Check it out and let us know what you think.


  1. shannonr says

    Shutterfly keeps getting better just when you think they have done it all, thanks :). I was actually working with a friend today on creating a simple path book using her facebook pictures. I recently talked her into opening a Shutterfly account but before that most of her pictures were posted to FB, this new feature has really saved her time in creating photobooks. Thanks Shutterfly…and very nice informative article.

  2. Joey says

    I really like this idea and I know once people catch on and set their privacy permissions they’ll be more eager to try this. I think its great and how much more simplier can it be. I tried this on some of my sister-in-law’s photos from FB. The majority, I got a low-res icon. They are getting a new puppy tonight so maybe she’ll post some and I can make her a quick book.
    I love how Shutterfly keeps on advancing and getting better – at the same time still being a site that is easy to navigate through.

  3. gome2992 says

    I cannot seems to get my facebook pictures to show up with the Simple Upload. What settings do I need to change on facebook to make this happen?

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