Capture Your Vacation in a Photobook

Whether you’re going on a trip of a lifetime, or a trip down the road, vacation memories can be some of the best times you and your friends and family share. Vacations let you get away from the worries of work and school so can really enjoy yourself. To be able to look back on these good times with a photo book is priceless and I’ve got a few tips to make it a snap!

  • double check your camera before you leave
  • make sure you have your battery charger
  • format plenty of memory cards
  • pick up a simple notebook [preferably one that can fit in your purse/bag]
  • pack a pen!

Then, when you’re on your vacation, keep simple notes. You don’t need to write a whole book or diary entry – bullet points will work. Jot down where you go that day and a special moment or two you want to remember. Your pictures will tell the rest of the story.

When you come home, sort through your pictures and create a photo book using Shutterfly templates.

Or select a Digital Scrapbook Photobook template and a kit of papers and elements like the Going Away Collection or Alandia Tropics Kit. Then create a digitally scrapped photo book.

For more information on digital scrapbooking check out this article.

And here are a few of my favorite vacation photo books to help inspire you!

Team Trip to Disney
Summer Memories
Journey to Ireland

I also love these books created by other Shutterfly members – the bright and beautiful book by Elena, Deanie’s Alaskan Cruise Book, and Therese’s Travel book are simply exquisite!

I hope to put together a few vacation books this summer and I would love to see yours too! Post them to the Shutterfly Photo Book Gallery, then share them in the below comments.

Safe Travels!


  1. Joey says

    Katie, I also think its important to document those special memories of a big trip or just a day trip in your local area.
    I like the idea of bringing a notepad and pen to jot down things you don’t want to forget. I have heard this tip before but always forget to pack pen and paper. I’ll throw one in my bag now.
    Thanks for the tips. I love making books!

  2. rsheedy says

    I love to document my vacations in photobooks; it’s definitely the best way to preserve those wonderful memories! And of course, your photobooks are always inspiring. Your work never ceases to amaze me…you are one talented lady. Thanks for sharing your great work, Katie!

  3. shannonr says

    thanks for this article, I just created a photobook for my father from his trip to South Dakota, let me tell yeah without all the knowing of what he actually did there it was diffcult to journal anything. I used wikipedia to get the basis of the history on certain landmarks but it would have been alot easier if he would have taken notes…LOL. Now wer are trying to create a photobook from him trip to Germany…again he did not write anything down but yet wants me to write all these stories he has in it…ugh! Definitly a GREAT idea to just jot down a few little things to remember your photos by :)

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