Simple Path – your shortcut to a masterpiece

In case you haven’t heard, we recently launched a new EASY way to create photo books called Simple Path – and I’m in love with it. Here’s why. It’s the ultimate short-cut to a photo book masterpiece in minutes. Really. Here’s my Simple Path story.

I wanted to make a quick beautiful book about my trip to Holland – one copy for my parents, one copy for me.

1) I went to the Simple Path page and chose a soft cover 7×9 photo book.

2) Simple Path then asked me to upload pictures, so I went to my Holland album (which I had uploaded to Shutterfly the night before to prepare).

3) I uploaded the pictures into the book and watched as Simple Path automatically populated them into the pages. It was amazing how Shutterfly arranged the images to tell my story, the same way I would have done! Like magic!

4) Now all I had to do was change the background to Bon Voyage (with just one click – another “wow” moment!), re-arrange a few pictures (easy drag-and-drop), and add a few captions.

Voila, a masterpiece in minutes!

Now it’s your turn to create a masterpiece in minutes. Give it a try!


  1. says

    Love, love, love the Simple Path technique to make a Shutterfly Photo book! I love making photo books and taking the time to make every detail perfect. I have found using Simple Path that I can still fix the details I always fret over and the book is done in a lot less time. The Simple Path book is the perfect for the single subject book. One great event…lots of photos…add Simple Path and shake! And presto your book is ready to go!

  2. Earl J says

    You’re at the top of my list to leave a comment with, and I thank you for your tenacity in solving my sign-in problem. Do you know how special you are? Of course I’ll be explaining Simple Path during my party and have printed out this blog to help those not comfortable in doing the traditional book.

    EarlJ, aka Earl J

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