My top 5 summer party ideas

Summer is finally here in the Midwest! Now it’s time to fill up the calendar with all the fun summer hoopla that includes birthdays, graduations, wedding celebrations, holidays, BBQ’s, or simply because you like having guests.

Shutterfly has all the tools I need to plan a perfect gathering! For example, I’m going to my first family reunion this summer. Since I’m not throwing it, I won’t be able to use fancy invitations and a theme for the party, but I will definitely set up a Share site before we get together and pass out the site address to everybody there so they can share and view all the pictures from the event. Of course, once we get all the photographs uploaded we can create a photo book for family members to purchase as a keepsake.

(Image by AmyR1860)

Share sites are an awesome way to spread the post-party fun whether you’re reliving it, or sharing it with somebody who couldn’t make the festivities. The sites become little communities of their own and are a great way to connect.

Another way to get a party rolling is directly through the invitation. I found inspiration when I came across this adorable cowboy invitation. I wasn’t ready to start planning my soon-to-be three year old’s birthday party just yet but thought this adorable invitation had the perfect theme. I love the colors and the cowboy idea.

Need more party ideas? Read below! Hope they get you inspired to have your own summer celebration!

  1. Always have a back-up plan for an outdoor party. The weather can be very mean at times.
  2. Utilize the fabulous Shutterfly photo tools whether its with stationery/address labels, photo books, favors or a Share site. Sometimes, it really is all in the details.
  3. Have lots of food! Food makes people happy. I like to make fancy drinks too. Large pitchers of fancy cocktails for the adults (tons of easy and inexpensive ideas on the internet) and of course some fun and frothy and brightly colored drinks for the children if you’re having a kid-friendly gathering. (tons of easy and inexpensive ideas/recipes on the internet)
  4. Have fun! Being the host is a lot of work but make sure you make time to share a laugh with all the guests. Sit down and put your feet up once in awhile.


  1. Joey says

    great article Tiffany with helpful hints. As I have said before on other blog articles, my sister turns 40 Jume 30th and we are having a party for her July 2nd at my parents. I sent out the invites which were very cute I must say, from Shutterfly of course.
    We don’t have a headcount as everyone told me not to put an RSVP – they all said nobody responds anyway – well now they want a headcount. I gave a guesstimate by how many invites I sent out. I ordered her cake with a stilleto shoe on it (she asked for that).

    I am planning to take pictures that day and am planning of making a page on my summer site of her birthday party. I’m guessing a lot that do come will be relatives. So it would be nice to get pictures of everyone. All the families, the cousins etc. Wish me luck on that one. I’m excited for it. Hope the weather holds as our weather can be very unpredictable.
    Great tips!

  2. says

    Shutterfly has really made a full circle on keeping people in touch before, durning and after a grand event. I love the new 4th of July invites! I really love making birthday invitaitons for my kids. I can make them as personal as needed. So cool….

  3. TonetteB says

    I bet your reunion sharesite is a big hit! That is an awesome idea! The Shutterfly sharesites are AMAZING and can be used for so many circumstances to keep people in contact and for everyone to be able to enjoy each other photos and to be able to order what prints that you adore. Its such a fun way to keep connected with loved ones! Thanks for all the helpful tips! :)

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