Summer Photo Book To-Do List

Summer is here, which means I have to make my photo book to do list. Of course there’s the vacation adventures which will be documented in books, but in looking through gallery I have been inspired with some other ideas too.

1) Kids school work/art work book:  I did take the photos of my daughter’s school work before stuffing the papers in the recycling bin, but I have yet to organize it into a book that documents their year. DanielleF814 has inspired me with kesaia art book, a simple and cleanly laid out documentation of her daughter’s school work.

2) Tell my story with words, not just pictures: SusanG3452’s Reese08 shows me that I need to not just take the photos but capture the memories in words.  Her book is cleanly laid out and movingly captioned in a way that I want to remember to do.

3) Don’t forget the photography: But of course photo books are about photos, and I want to take better ones. Looking at what others do is a great source of ideas. MairL’s Because of You captures details and everyday moments that I want to be sure to get too.

What are your summer photo book ideas? What have you been inspired to try to do during these sunny days? Let us know by commenting on this article.


  1. Joey says

    Summer photo books are on my to-do list. I have taken so many pictures so far, our Midwest summers are way too short. I always put too many photos in my books – its hard to leave any out as they are fun to look at during our long winters. I’ll have to go through them and pick out some of the better ones. Last year i did my first 12×12 summer book and love the big size!
    I think i saw a couple books you mentioned. I’ll have to look again.
    Thanks for the tips.

  2. says

    Oh yes… the kid’s art book. Well I have 3 kids and their school art work is in piles by school year. My oldest will be in the 5th grade next year and then off to middle school. I havent made hers yet. But I came up with a great idea….make her book next summer and pull the best from pre-school through elementry. Yes, the pressure is off and I will have plenty of time to focus on one kid at a time since my youngest will be starting pre school next year.

  3. TonetteB says

    Great summer photobook ideas! The artwork photobooks are so fun! Its a great tradition to start and to continue each summer. In the area I grew up the town paid teenagers to stay at the parks to do arts and crafts with the kids and to go on field trips with the kids. I wish I had pictures of all the artwork and crafts my kids created each summer but digital cameras, internet, and Shutterfly weren’t around back then. I will pass this idea on to all my friends and family with little ones! Thanks so much for all the helpful tips! :)

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