Create Pen and Ink Art from Photos

My friend Claire used metallic pens to turn a photo of her dog, Rocky, into framable art. I was enchanted with the results and I thought you might like to learn how to create some similar art of your own.

Using Your Photos to Create Pen and Ink Art


1.  Metallic Gellyroll Pens (purchase at a craft store)
2.  White copy machine paper
3.  A photo of your choice


Choose a photo of a favorite subject and make a black and white copy of it on the copy machine or your home printer. Use your metallic Gellyroll pens to mark a series of small lines around the subject. You can make marks on the subject as well if you desire.  Using various colors make a series of crosshatching lines on your paper until you have filled the field around the subject with colorful small lines. Metallic Gellyroll pens will write on both black and white paper so you will be able to easily mark all over the copy of your original photo. Have fun and we can all thank Claire for sharing this fantastic project with us.


  1. Joey says

    Thank you Kathena & Claire for this wonderful, creative idea. I think this is something I might be able to pull off.
    Sounds fun too!

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