Photo books are learning tools

I have to say, I stumbled upon using photo books for other methods besides remembering events… and for me it has opened up a whole new way of thinking about these great books!

Here’s how it happened… I am a speech-pathologist by trade and was on my way to a client when I checked my mailbox… lo and behold – a birthday photo book I had made arrived! After perusing the photo book, I put it on top of my pile of materials. Not paying attention, I brought the book into my therapy session and my 8 year old client got a peek at it. Of course, next to the photo book… my therapy materials looked like yesterday’s news! So we looked at the book together and I was amazed at the amount of language it stimulated!  For quite a few months after, I would bring a photo book with me and incorporate it into our sessions for her to comment and ask questions about the pictures. Actually, my photo books have become part of my therapy materials collection!

My idea to use photo books other than remembering an event, is not novel. There are many wonderful and creative photo books in the Gallery that Shutterfly users have created as teaching tools. Check out Jack’s ABC Book by LizG32 which she created to help Jack learn his ABCs or the wildly popular Gordon’s First Body Book by WarmerW. But I would be truly remiss if I did not mention JessiW’s story-telling photo books. She incorporates simple themes into a cohesive and brilliant story using her adorable boys. Check her out… you will not be disappointed! Actually Jessi, I’ll be emailing your photo book I Can Do So Many Things to a few of my clients…love your use of verbs!! Okay, back to my day job!


  1. Joey says

    Kristen, This is a great article and so neat to read how you incorporated these FUN books with your speech pathology clients. I bet they do love these books and it gives them something ‘real’ to look at other than the ‘boring’ speech worksheets. These books are exciting and I can see where the child’s eyes would light up.
    Thanks for sharing this. I bet your clients love you!
    This gives me ideas to do different types of books where my nieces and nephews could learn something.

  2. BarbaraJ says

    Great idea and I also love the way you can use these books for learning and children can enjoy reading.

  3. shannonr says

    great article and I have to admit these are some of my favorite books to look at in the Gallery. They are different and defintely fun for the kids to look through. I have seen some really creative books in the Gallery, I loved the one though you did with the body parts. Thanks for a great article.

  4. says

    Using Shutterfly photobooks in your real time job is fantasic! I love the fact you can make the book say and show whatever you want for your clients making the session very personal. They can have and keep their books for use too. Great job Kristin!

  5. jennyd says

    This is a great idea! I don’t have kids (yet!), but imagine how great these books would be with pictures of an older sibling or the child herself reading through and learning. It would definitely hold their attention. So many uses for such a great product!

  6. says

    oh wow! This is really special. To be able to use such a great tool in your work is amazing. And who would’ve guessed! Thanks for sharing yet another way to make these shutterfly photobooks! They are so versatile.

  7. says

    This is a Wonderful Idea.!! As a new Gramma…I need to make books for my Grand-daughter that will help with teaching her new things about her world!

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