Feet tell stories

I can still vividly remember the very first photograph I ever took. I was about 5 years old. My dad handed me his little 110 film camera lens pointing down, and explained all I had to do was press the button. I eagerly grabbed it, and snap… caught the perfect image of my dad’s boots. Yea, not exactly what I imagined. The image is still tucked away with family pictures somewhere at my parents’ house.

Since then I have taken several hundred images of feet… all on purpose! Whether covered in cake crumbs, skipping off to the park with a favorite dinosaur following behind, securely hanging on around daddy’s hips, tucked up over a book or sporting mommy’s shoes, feet tell stories.

They offer little details of adventures that broad smiling faces don’t always provide. They fill in the gaps and complete the story.

I actually keep a folder on my computer featuring my favorite images of my boys’ feet… some are bare, some in socks, some in favorite shoes. I have a photo book planned for these images… as soon as their little boy feet turn from sweet to stinky, I’ll start working on it.

Next time you are out and about with your favorite little ones and your camera, pay attention to little feet and grab an image or two to complete your story.


  1. says

    Very sweet! Great ideas. I have a photo of my daughter’s feet here and there and it’s amazing how the shoes they are wearing at times really capture an age and certain fun they were into at that point :)

  2. rsheedy says

    I love this article! Such sweet little feet you have captured. What an ingenious idea, too. Love this perspective.

  3. Joey says

    Such a great article. i love the images above. So cute. i have taken feet photos here and there – i must admit I like little ones feet over big feet!! I will have to make a point to do this more. So often i get cauught up in I need to get the whole picture but this is a great idea. I’ll keep snapping little ones feet!

  4. says

    Great pictures!! I love, love pictures of my granddaughters feet and her little shoes. It’s become a habit with me to photographer her shoes whenever I dress her up for pictures. My latest favorite are her little ‘flippers’ with her painted tornails, cute as heck. I love the article Jessi!!

  5. Natalie says

    WOW, i never thought about it that way! I do love the feet pictures when they photograph new born’s and they have all these little images of the hands and feet but i never thought about taking pictures with anyone elses feet!
    My wedding photographer took a lot of pictures like that, where you see all my flower girls, and ring bearers legs and feet with their cute little shoes and the flower baskets dangling by their side! I think i will have to put a book together on everyone’s feet! Thanks! Great Idea, love the blog!

  6. says

    Great idea on the feet. I love feet! Especially the ones like you said “Sweet not stinky!” I’ll have to see what kind of feet pictures I already have and make a point to take more in the future :-) Thanks for inspiring!

  7. Tiffany M says

    oh jesse… i love this! those examples you used are fabulous… the stories a pair of feet can tell. awesome post!!!! i recently took a family portrait of all of our feet in standing on the sand with a lake wave crashing in. fun stuff.

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