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It’s summer and I’ve got beaches on my mind. To get my beach fix in, I took a peek at some of our surf and sand photo books on Gallery, and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of styles and themes these beach books had to offer – from family vacations, to honeymoons, to new love, to tropical paradises. Keep these samples in mind when you head to your favorite fun-in-the-sun water hang outs. And don’t drop your camera in the water!

(Image by jbkaiser2k)

New love
Miranda Visit captures the romantic seaside adventures of a young couple in love, with activities like motor boating, swimming, flying, relaxing, watching sunsets, and of course, dining (my favorite). What I appreciate most about this book is that the GUY created it.

Playing in the sand
The photography in this book is dazzling. Love the saturated colors, bright light and dramatic shadow. This family looks like they are having an super time in the sand, and the photographer has captured many beautiful moments.

(Image by RichardsL)

Hawaii 2008 is dedicated to the gorgeous landscapes and seascapes of the islands. The photography pulls me right into the tropical paradise. Love the lush green landscapes and palms, the sunsets, the dramatic cliffs, and of course the sand and surf.

(Image by DeniseTX)

Surfer Dudes
The Floyd Book by GarethC is an ode to dudes who love to surf. The photography is breathtaking – those blue waters pop so beautifully – and the spontaneous people images and humorous journaling bring the personalities and moment-to-moment details to life. This is the ultimate “man adventure”.

(Image by GarethC)

What kind of beach or water book would you like to create? Let us know by commenting on this article.


  1. Joey says

    I love going to the beach in summers and ours are far too short. I love all these images you posted above. I’ll have to check out the books and get my beach fix!

  2. Earl J says

    An inspiring blog, Rachel. A terrific selection of photos, plus you give us good ideas for our own photo books.

  3. says

    I head to the Gallery all the time to travel to a beach. Sun, palmtrees and tropical drinks.. living the life. Ahhhhhhh…. I also take a Disneyland fix while I am in the Gallery too. Perfect little vacations….

  4. BarbaraJ says

    I get my beach fix from the gallery almost everyday. I love the beach, but I do not like the Texas heat. My beach fix this month is my Hawaii book. You have some great examples and photos. Thank you my dear Rachel.

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