Develop and Print Photos in your Bathroom

In order to print and develop photos in your own bathroom, many of the required materials will have to be bought and although all the materials are inexpensive, there is one tool that is necessary, but expensive. The enlarger will run around $200 on the low end.

Check out the infographic below to learn to do photo printing in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Once you’ve printed your photos, you can upload and turn them into christmas cards, photo cards, or personalized gifts.


  1. Joey says

    When I saw your title, it made me laugh and very intrigued.
    This kind of reminds me of my days in printing class, going in the dark room with our photos and waiting for them to develop. It was very exciting seeing a photo emerge. I remember it being quite the process but it was fun. Is this kind of the same idea?
    Thanks for sharing this. I wish my bathroom was big enough!! :)

  2. says

    I’ve always wanted to have that little room that in the movies the lead character, when she decides to become a photograher, has in the spare room of her three story house that she’s trying to hang on to with no job but then because she is so gifted as a photograher becomes a millionaire…………………I’m sorry but that’s where my mind goes every time I think of developing at home. I have to admit there is a cool attraction to developing your own pictures. Great article!!

  3. says

    Old school forsure…….:) But right now I have three kids an all three bathrooms… I want to go into ElleSnaps movie and live that life… Untill then…Shutterfly and my computer is my darkroom…:)

  4. jennyd says

    I have to say that when I saw this topic, my curiosity was piqued, haha. This is really great. I used to love developing my film by hand, but haven’t done that since college because I didn’t have a dark room. This is a great idea, though, and now I’m inspired to find my college camera and go to town 😀 I always loved hand-developed photos because you can choose the paper, exposure, and pretty much everything else. Awesome!

  5. says

    Develop and Print Photos in your Bathroom brought up images in my mind of laptops in bathrooms – thankfully our society has advanced technically and we can now sit on a comfortable sofa with our laptops and develop our images…

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