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Christmas in July – Buy a Book

Posted By Lara H On July 6, 2010 @ 7:00 am In Photo Book Ideas | 4 Comments

My daughter recently tried to have me celebrate her ‘half birthday’ in June (she has a December birthday). I didn’t get a sense she was pushing the ideas to get gifts (though she wanted to celebrate) so much as she wanted to be recognized as half a year older, no longer 7, but now 7 ½.

So, when I saw AprilHill311’s My Hawai’i [1] post I was inspired to think about celebrating the half-holidays or Christmas in July. Her book, while a gift for her grandfather for Christmas, is also a gift to herself – her first publication of her photography. The images are beautiful, the layouts clean, and the captions concise. Together they capture the many aspects of island living.

Our affordable photo book sizes make giving yourself a gift in July even easier. We now have 3 photo books with soft photo covers, all priced to encourage your frequent publishing. Our 5×7 photo book [2]with new photo cover starts at $12.99, our new 7×9 photo book [3] starts at $15.99, and our 8×8 photo book [4] with photo soft cover has a starting price of $19.99. We’ve also added, by popular request, a photo personalized cover to our 8×11 photo book [5].

If you can’t think of a gift for yourself, consider helping someone else celebrate Christmas in July with an early gift. I think some of these ideas are definitely in the spirit:

  • Joey-T’s Charlottes Garden [6] captures the beautiful garden of a friend that she lovingly tends.
  • KellyH1627’s Mike’s Antique Cars [7] takes photos she commissioned of her father’s lovingly restored cars and places them in a commemorative book.
  • AmberF’s A Day at the Train Station [8] uses the photos she took of her son that her mother admired and puts them in book she knows will be a better conversation piece than just loose prints.

Do you have a pursuit to publish or a passion that needs to be captured – celebrate it in July and make a photo book.


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