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by Tammy M Posted on July 08, 2010

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I am a working mom of two college children, as well as a grandma to a new grandbaby, so capturing and preserving special family moments is important to me. Shutterfly makes it easy by allowing me to keep my pictures safe, make prints for family and friends, plus create and give gifts – which always get lots of smiles, and even a few happy tears.

My favorite gifting events are baby showers. I love taking photos of the shower, putting them into a Shutterfly photo book, along with some extra special touches, and giving the book as a gift to the mommy to be. I have made three of these and each time the mommy has been thrilled. Since I’ve gotten a lot of baby book experience lately, I thought I would share my process with you, so that next time you’ve got a baby shower coming up (or any event with family or friends) and want to create a special keepsake, you’ll know exactly what to do.


Although I love taking photos at events, sometimes I get too busy being a hostess to take all the pictures. If this is your situation too, I would advise assigning several people to the photo task – that way you won’t miss anything. Just remember to have all of your photographers upload their pictures to their Shutterfly accounts after the event, and share them with you. I also suggest making a shot list for you and your photo helpers, for example: photos of the mom close up, full length, belly, photos with all the guests or at least immediate family members and close friends, decorations – and don’t forget to take photos of the food, especially that beautiful cake!

I took the photos for my first two baby shower books, Wendi’s Baby Shower and Vicki’s Baby Shower. The third book was for my daughter Brita’s Baby Shower, so having photo helpers was essential.


The next step requires a little preparation before the event. Bring paper or index cards, and during the shower have each guest write a piece of advice or well wishes to the parents to be. These make wonderful captions to include in the book. The parents to be will love reading these and will get some great tips on their new baby and warm wishes to cherish forever! If the hostess is too busy to write during the shower, have her email her advice later to include in the book. Another touch that mommy will greatly appreciate, is including the gift list in the book. This thoughtful addition will make it super easy for her to send those Thank You cards!


One of my favorite baby shower books is KASHA’s Baby Shower gift, for a friend expecting her first baby. The creator of the book MaryloveG, asks friends to send pregnant photos, family photos, and baby photos of themselves, along with advice and/or thoughts for her upcoming journey into motherhood.

Another great example is Expecting Chase by KateP77, who creates her own baby book to document the pregnancy and birth, and also scans in messages from baby shower cards.

Hope this helps, and have fun making memories!

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Where's my photo?
  1. BarbaraJ Says:

    Tammy, I love this article and I appreciate you doing this for the new mothers and also grandmothers. I must send this to several friends. Great ideas.

  2. Tiffany M Says:

    Great tips! I learned the hard way that you need to assign photographers (plural!!!) for these parties! We all have it down pat now and share all the full camera’s :o)

  3. Joey Says:

    These are great tips Tammy. I like the idea of passing out index cards for the guests to write their advice/tips. I love the way your book to Brita turned out.
    Really helpful tips. And always remember to have more than one photographer is a MUST!

  4. shannonr Says:

    I really like the suggestion of assigning others for camera duty. I love taking all the pictures but during my sisters babyshower found myself so involved in other task I only ended up with 2 photos….uh oh! At least by assigning others I would have atleast enough to make her a book. Thanks for the informative article :)

  5. angies5 Says:

    Oh my goodness! What a treasure to receive a book like this; all the precious memories preserved forever. I am really drawn to the personal touch of having each person write a message to the new mom and baby and including those in the book.
    (Awesome collage too!)

  6. ElleSnaps Says:

    Love the article Tammy!! I’m putting together a book of Jana’s baby shower pictures, this has given me inspiration. I love your books!! Great Article.

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