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Capturing farm life in photo books

Posted By Rachel B On July 10, 2010 @ 7:00 am In Photo Book Ideas | 7 Comments

I’ve been thinking about the childhood summers I spent at my dad’s house in the country. It sat smack in the middle of two chicken farms, had horses, goats and sheep, and a giant willow tree with a rope swing. My cousins and I spent endless hours frolicking around the premises. We pet the animals, climbed the trees, and raced each other down the dirt road fast fast fast. We also loved arguing over small but important subjects like who the dog liked best or who could eat watermelon in the most interesting way. Good times.

Today, my nostalgic mood lead me to perform a search for Gallery [1] photo books [2] about farms, and I found a wagon full. So if you’re taking a day trip/vacation to a farm this summer, or perhaps live on a working farm yourself, check out some of my favorite Gallery farm creations. Who knows…there could be a farm book in your future.

When you were young did you visit or work on a farm? Will you and your family experience a little country life this summer? Let us know by commenting on this blog. And if you have a photo book you’d like to share, we welcome you to post it on Shutterfly Gallery [1].

Need some ideas to create your own “life on the farm” photo book? Take a look at these inspirational examples and style suggestions.

Farm book examples

125 Year Old Farm Celebration [3]
Day at the Farm [4]
Doug’s Farm [5]
Fall Harvest [6]
Eder Farm [7]

Photo Book Style Ideas

The “harvest hues’ background in our Seasonal photo book style [8] will complement your idyllic farm life images perfectly


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