Create a simple sophisticated photo book

Sometime’s making a photo book can be overwhelming, if you’re indecisive like me, and that wastes a lot of valuable time! So next time you can’t decide on a style or theme, keep it simple. You’ll end up with a sophisticated masterpiece.

This very simple white layout by CindyS82 is a perfect example of “less is more”. I find it simply gorgeous. I also adore Swedishfire’s “Brayden and Sydney” book which caught my eye with its basic black and white photos and reccurring layout throughout the book. Great font choice too.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, black seems to make every photo more dramatic. Look at joella24’s beautiful flowers, which are perfect! Mix it with the black page and I feel like the photos just got “louder”. Bigger. Prettier. Dramatic.

The black and white backgrounds. The repetitive layouts. The crisp look. The clean lines. Keeping it simple is often the best way to achieve a great look. Hope that helps!

Tiffany M.


  1. rsheedy says

    I love the simple look; it allows more emphasis on the photos and makes a more dramatic statement. Beautiful examples here!

  2. BarbaraJ says

    Great article and it is so very true. I have learned the hard way. I want to use pretty papers and so many of my first books were too busy. When you look at less is more and see what it does for your photography. Great idea for all!

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