Support your cause with a Share site

Shutterfly Share sites are much more than simple photo sharing web pages. Their creative tools allow you to showcase not just your photography, but events and causes that are important to you.

Are you planning a cause event? A Share site can help get the news out, advertise for volunteers, provide critical information to participants, link to media, and provide a place for people to share their stories and photos afterwards. Have you attended an important cause event? Your share site can be an effective way to communicate why the event is important.

And, it is so easy to do! I attended my first “Race for a Cure” event this year. It was amazing to see the number of people who came together in support of that single cause. It was also personal as two very dear friends recently diagnosed with breast cancer, were walking with me. I chose to create a single page tab on my share site to commemorate the event.

Shutterfly gave me all the tools I needed to make each page just right. It was important for me to make a special area on the page for each of my friends. I included an area for others to leave their thoughts. And of course you need music!  So I included a collection of songs that told stories of friendship. Take a look:

Drawing attention to your cause can be as easy as including a link in an email and/or a posting on a social networking site. Remember to update your Share site often with recent news, links to supportive sites, photos, forums, meetings and the like. This encourages people to come back and visit.

Shutterfly Share sites are a PERFECT way to show support for the causes that are important to you!  They are easy to make and offer a wide variety of tools and features to give your site impact. Try it! I can’t wait to see what you create! If you need advice about creating your Share site, check out Shutterfly’s Share site forums – they’re a great resource.

One more thing. Photo books are another great way to celebrate your favorite cause. Take a look at these examples for inspiration.

Alice’s Journey
60 mile breast cancer walk
Breast Cancer 3 Day 07
2009 3Day


  1. says

    Great article Connie!! I love the share sites for this reason, you can share your passion for anything including a great cause like this. I have a page on my share site for the Relay for Life and the 3Day, plus I have a friend who is very passionate about the cause, she has a page on her share site too. It’s also a great place to desplay the awesome photobooks made from the pictures at these events. I love it!

  2. Joey says

    This is a really great article Connie! This is why I enjoy the share sites also because you can share anything you are passionate about. I have a page dedicated to the Roger Maris Cancer Walk i did last year and I plan to do a page and a book of me & my uncle doing the 5K next May. My aunt is in charge of pictures unless she is out of town.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. shannonr says

    Very nice article, i often feel people thing the shared sites are just for their photos. I recently created a new site myself for my brother in law for his wedding. Its not a support your cause site but it still something he thought he was going to have to pay for. Shutterfly provide me (actaully him…LOL) a way to sharing his wedding with everyone at no cost. Whenever I tell people about the shared sites they feel it is something they just wouldn’t be able to do. Your article is great in that it really spreads the word that you can do more than you think with the Shared Sites :)

  4. says

    Great idea! You are so right Connie, share sites can take so many forms. If you are trying to get the word out on a cause it is a great way to keep people up to date with an event. And I am so glad you reminded us to not forget to add music!

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