Create a clothespin photo art center

Have you ever handed your child a camera and let them take pictures of whatever they wanted? Chances are the pictures were of the carpet, a close up of the cat’s tail, their thumb, and occasionally a cute shot of your child and their friends. No one wants to hurt their child’s feelings by not including their photographic efforts in the family photo albums, so why not create a space where their snapshots can shine?

This cute clothespin art center has multiple uses! You can use coloring pages to decorate its header, like I did, or creatively cut and trim some of those snapshots to decorate it instead. Hang the photos from the adorable crayon clothespins, and your child’s face will light up with excitement.

To make this clothespin art center, you will need:

6 wooden clothespins
24″ x 4″ wood slat
Coloring pages
White glue

Remove the wrappers from 6 different colored crayons. I used a craft knife to cut along the seam and remove them. They will be very cylindrical, so you’ll need to flatten them. I ironed mine, but you could also press them in a heavy book overnight.

Place clothespin on top of the crayon wrapper, use a pencil to draw a faint line. Cut the crayon wrapper so that it’s just slightly smaller than the surface of the clothespin.

Mix some white glue and water together to make a decoupage mixture, then decoupage the wrapper to the clothespin.

Glue the clothespins to the wooden plank, you want about 2/3 of the clothespin on the plank, spacing them apart evenly.

Have the kids color some printables or coloring book pages. Make sure they color the background too! Cut them out, decoupage them onto the plank, only painting the back of the colored decals at this point. Don’t decoupage over the tops just yet.

Use a crayon to shade in the background, use a secondary color as well, if you wish. I used blue with touches of yellow at the top since my pictures were related to water and nature. Choose another color (I used red) to outline the border of the plank. Decoupage over the top of everything, smooth any bubbles that may pop up on your “decals”.

Cut a piece of denim to create a border for the plank. Place the plank on top of it to get an idea for the size you need to cut, mark with a pencil, and then cut. Cut two strips of denim, about an inch wide, lay them across the front of the plank. Once you have them where you want them, loosely tie a knot at the top.

Place the ends of the strips under the plank. Once everything is positioned, trim anything that needs trimming, then cover the back of the plank with white glue. Press down onto the denim and let dry. Adjust the knot at the top, tie into a bow and trim ends.


Crafts by Amanda
Amanda’s Cookin’


  1. Joey says

    Oh my gosh, how creative and cool is this. I’d love to do something like this of my nieces and nephews artwork! This is so genius! I love the way you did the clothespins – CUTE!
    I have let my niece and nephews take pictures – half were blurry, some were of SpongeBob on TV, some were of their stuffed animals! Kind of fun!
    I really like the artwork idea.
    Great photos too!

  2. says

    That is adorable!! I love crayons, even now as an adult :) I have another gradbaby due in October, I may have to make this for her :) That’s for the article and ideas :)

  3. BarbaraJ says

    This is a wonderful idea. I have done one simular but we made the clothes pins look like holiday themes. Such as Santa, Reindeer, Bunny, Turkey so on and so forth. Love this idea. I used mine on the frig. I like this better, great idea. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Earl J says

    A great idea so thoroughly and well-presented that even a challenged person like myself can very possibly set it up.

  5. Tiffany M says

    How cute! I may have to make one of these. I was looking for ideas to hang Brayden’s art just the other day!

  6. says

    What a simple and easy idea for kids to show off any kind of creation. I have three kiddos and even my 10 year old would love this idea too. Clean it up and make it fancy and I am going to have my own special place for my creations and notes too!

  7. shannonr says

    awesome idea, my son is 4 and loves hanging things up in his room, this is such a cute way to show off his work. He love pictures as well so i think i might even have him hang various pictures on it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas :)

  8. says

    This is a great idea….even for us Gramma’s! I know I’ll be the proud owner of some great artwork from my now, 18 mo old Grand-daughter… How fun to have a place to hang up her creations! :0)

  9. Natalie says

    I agree, this is such a great idea and everyone has most of these things! Looks like a ton of fun to put together! Great Blog.
    Natalie B
    Shutterfly Gallery Guru

  10. kbum says

    Perfect idea! We’re going to make this this week so we have somewhere to put our Halloween pictures! Thanks for the information!

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